Ohh, I so wanted to the absolutely – and I had to fight for this image very much! And there’s nothing Objectionable here – I think I look like a Statue in a Museum. After my serious accident 15 years ago, I was first a wheelchair, then I went on the floor. In the meantime, I’m much better. I can go back to normal, have a different body consciousness. I am proud of my body. My nakedness should not be seen as a provocation understood.

I used to come here often, I have played in different constellations. Since Claude (editor’s note was. the. Red.: Claude Nobs, the 2013 late founder of the festival) are still there. The Festivals were also great parties, I have always made a lot of people.

That was 2009, we were just ready for the appearance on the big stage, as the Prince came into the Auditorium Stravinski, in order from the side of the watch. I was surprised to see him, because I had imagined him to be much bigger. Then I started with my first Song, and it was one of the worst moments of my life. Because at some point we were all shouting: “The microphone is off!” You knew to listen to my voice hardly. We had to repeat the Song then. That was embarrassing! Ironically, as the Prince was with them.

Completely different! We are on the fifth stop of our Tour – the Montreux Jazz Club is tiny for us, so an intimate setting, there is nowhere else. This is how to make for yourself or in a Studio of music – in the case of other stations, we have 20’000 people and more in the audience.It is always different: In Montreux, we were in a Cathedral, as we were able to include the long Echo playfully.

Yes, because it is always different – the Songs change. Some Songs are suddenly ten times longer than in the Studio version on the Album. Therefore, they differ on the Live Album often greatly from the original versions.

Yes, the audience plays a huge role. As well as the composition of the Band or the energy of the place.

Both is good. It is always an Experiment, in every respect. We had concerts with 20’000 people, all stood up, there are halls, with only 2000 spectators, who are very passionate focused and pass. The Vienna with always want many encores, the Brazilians sing. In Germany they clap to the notes between the notes – the Germans are very focused audience.

The Vienna Opera house. The place where the string instrument is best – and I have Viennese roots. It is great to play in London or Paris, but if I’m in Vienna, clapping, I feel my ancestors behind me silently. And I can feel the energy of the place. I’ve locked myself in there for an hour in the dressing room, the organizer is not thought anything was okay. I was just overwhelmed by the emotions. I could hardly believe that my little feet standing on a stage, where Rachmaninov, Chopin, and all were already. How amazing!

I believe in the energy of the places! Yes, this is real, this is not a matter of faith, that is reality. Other people go to cemeteries. Because you want to feel close to the deceased, as, for example, Jim Morrison legend. You are standing in the shadow of the oscillations that have taken place in a place. It is like when you are in Armenia, to a place from the first century. You can feel the history.

Look out of the window here – this landscape is wonderful! It is a pity, that now I have no time to go for a swim.

probably not. I’d like to go on a boat and enjoy it. But there’s no time – we must continue. Next stop of our tour is in Baalbek, Lebanon, as we play the day after tomorrow. But for sure I enjoy the landscape here, it has the Chic of the French Riviera. And I can feel the energy that radiates this Festival.