Montenegro agreed to the return of Russian tourists

Earlier it was reported that there was “agreement in principle” Montenegro on the return of Russian citizens to their homeland, said on his page on Facebook on 18 March, the Russian Embassy in Montenegro. Recall, Podgorica has imposed a ban on international flights in connection with the coronavirus (in the country there have been documented cases of the disease.

“There is a fundamental agreement between Montenegrin parties on the organization of the return of rangrajan aircraft Russian air carriers. Montenegrin representatives were provided by the airlines of lists of citizens who have tickets to return to Russia. Hope for a quick timing,” said the Russian Embassy in Facebook.

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At the moment in Montenegro, there are approximately 1,800 Russian citizens awaiting departure to Russia. As noted by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, speaking on the radio station “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, Montenegro seeks to “shift the responsibility for their citizens in Russia. I think it is an absolutely clear qualification. To be evacuated from Russia, the Montenegrins on the Russian side. Also for Russian money.”

In her words, Russian airlines have provided three aircraft for exportation of citizens. However, the problem is still not solved. “Montenegro links permits the Russian side on the export of its citizens on the territory of Russia so that the Russian Federation has assumed liability for Montenegrin citizens on the territory of Russia and export of Russian side on the territoryithor of Montenegro”, said Zakharov.

She described the situation as “unprecedented cooperability and unwillingness to grasp the essence of humanitarian problems of the Montenegrin side,” reports the website KP.Ru.