Montenegrin hostages Podgorica wants to change Russian tourists on its citizens

hundreds of Russian tourists were left literally on the street in Montenegro. This Mediterranean country because of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 stopped international air, rail and bus links. Podgorica does not give permission for Aeroflot Charter flights for export from the country of the Russians.

the Representative of Aeroflot Mikhail Dyomin stated that the company is concerned about the situation. Aeroflot asked for assistance with the permits to fly in Rosaviation and Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia, reports “Interfax”.

Five flights for the export of thousands of Russians from Tivat to Moscow from 17 to 21 March 2020 planned airline “Victory”. But it fails to get permission from Podgorica. The Montenegrin government requires the “Victory” to take to Tivat from Moscow 50 citizens of Montenegro without tickets.

Thus, the Russian tourists have actually become Montenegrin hostages. Podgorica ready to let go of the country the Russians, having flights of the Russian airlines only if it is provided free flights Montenegrin citizens from Moscow by Russian aircraft.

Montenegro is still one of the only country in Europe where there is not a single case of infection with coronavirus. Currently COVID-19 identified in more than 145 countries around the world. 182 thousands of people infected with coronavirus, 7415 people have died from complications of the disease. While the world has recovered more than 79 thousand 600 people.

And Russia on 17 March 2020 identified 114 cases. Five patients already have recovered from coronavirus