Monika Ribar: A whole bunch of requirements, can not meet a single Person all of the perfect. Two points are Central: first, you have to can be a complex company with different employees. The social partnership is extremely important. Secondly, you have to endure the constant Public, as well as a strong connection with the policy.

counter-question: when is it a “Railway”? Mr. Meyer has over 20 years in the rail business …

That’s right. And we are open to someone from the base. But if we really find such a Person, is questionable. But I am also of the Belief that you can “learn to train”. The SBB have a large number of highly professional employees who make every day a great job and also like to talk about. Who is reaching out to these people and by listening to them, can learn a lot.

The SBB are well-positioned and not necessarily need someone from the outside. We are in a Situation in which both is possible. An internal Person has of course the advantage that they know the company already. In principle, an internal solution is preferable, therefore, always to – the Person must be suitable.

right, I guess the Lord need to do so very. But you can rejuvenate him? (Laughs.)

Someone who is older than Mr. Meyer, would not be the right choice. The Person should have a long term perspective. It is also important that you can judge what to expect today’s 10 – to 15-Year-old of us, our future customers and our future cooperation. We need people with a Feeling for the young Generation.

Internally, for us it was always the most important issue that the railway is safe and on time. But I give you absolutely right: When we look at our communication, then it came to short. We have talked in the last two years to a lot of other topics. Therefore, one could get the impression that we have neglected the core business.

Better or worse the view is. It will be a completely different personality, their own accents. Better, I mean …

This will certainly be different in the future. We will put the focus back on the core business. But the look in the mobility of the future is also important, otherwise we will be degraded to a Märklin! We can not only take care of the train. But of course, It is absolutely the most Important. If that doesn’t work, we don’t need to talk about anything at all.

With Mrs Leuthard I have not discussed the issue because it was still current. The requirements of me and Mrs Sommaruga not diverge but. We want to look at Diversity. If we find a woman, so like! You simply need to have the skills to take on this task – in the same way as a man.

We have created up to now, only the requirement profile and are now starting the search. An early announcement and long lead-time for large companies is not uncommon. Otherwise you can not go to the market and talk to people. If someone comes from outside, might have this Person is also a long notice period. The change can happen throughout the year 2020.

We have internally discussed a lot about whether and how I should Express myself. It is, however, a Lot of things to be worked up. And before I don’t know any facts, I can’t Express myself and analyze errors.