the result of the study of the comparison service money the country is volatile: In the case of the Swiss Internet subscriptions there are large price differences between the different providers. The most expensive offers can be more than twice as expensive as the cheapest deals. Look carefully is worthwhile.

in addition to the three major Swiss Internet service providers Swisscom, UPC and Sunrise, many providers offer online subscriptions. There are actually plenty of providers for competition.

High market share and high prices

However, this is distorted, because the market is dominated by the Big three. Swisscom, UPC, and Sunrise to come together on a market share of 81.4%. 51.4 percent of Swiss customers are at Swisscom, 19.3 per cent in the case of UPC, and 10.7 percent at Sunrise.

Unfortunately, only the market shares are high, but also the prices, writes money of the country. Depending on the profile of the customer to pay at Swisscom 62.9-76.3 percent more than the cheapest provider. At UPC there were even 81,1 or of 102.8 per cent more. And at Sunrise, the extra cost is compared to the cheapest provider between of 45.3 and 80.2 per cent.

“It’s amazing how much the customers pay for the large providers. Even scarier are the high prices of Swisscom and UPC, when you consider that two out of three Swiss customers have an Internet subscription with Swisscom or UPC”, summarizes telecoms expert Ralf Beyeler (49) the results of the study.

The saving potential is enormous. “A Swisscom customer can save with a change of locker more than 400 francs a year,” says Beyeler.


In the study, the total cost for the first year on the basis of three profiles with different Internet speed: Slow Internet (at least 10 Mbit/s), fast Internet (at least 100 Mbit/s) and very fast Internet (“Gigabit Internet”: a minimum of 1000 Mbit/s). For private customers, the two smaller Profiles are particularly relevant, “Gigabit-Internet”, however, is something for Hardcore gamers and business customers.

The cheapest Internet subscription there is the survey result, in the case of iWay, with a total cost in the first year of 398 francs. However, it is only in a few selected cities in Switzerland available. The subscription, at Sunrise, for a cost of 600 francs in the first year, 51 percent more than in the case of iWay. Swisscom is 658 Swiss francs in the first year, 65 percent more expensive.

Massive differences

In the case of a speed of at least 100 Mbit/s the price ranges range from 578 Swiss francs (Solnet) to 1097.80 francs (quick line). Swisscom and UPC in this area, with a cost of 1000 francs to the most expensive providers.

The Gigabit Internet, in which a glass fiber line is a requirement, the best offer with 699.35 Swiss francs in the first year of Salt, the most expensive of Netstream for 1668 francs. (koh)