Mona Vetsch (44) must submit their Moderation in the SRF broadcast “Żame dihei” to Viola Tami (38). As SRF tells, suffers the symptoms of the TV-woman of slight cold. While Vetsch embarks in Isolation, therefore, lead Viola Tami and Marco Thomann on Saturday by the Format.

“I’m fine. I only have slight symptoms, sore throat, and “de Pfnüsel”,” says Vetsch. “In normal times, that wouldn’t be worth talking about. But under these circumstances, it is for me and the editors absolutely clear that I consider myself on the recommendation of the BAG and stay home. Anything else would be irresponsible. Of course I’m going to be but still – that’s easy, “dihei” on the Sofa with a Cup of tea in Hand.”

Without a Studio audience

Also, SRF Moderator Mario big Niklaus (43) did not willingly go into quarantine. He had, last Friday, in contact with the Aargau state councillor, Urs Hofmann (63), has now tested positive for the Virus.

“Żame dihei” will be broadcast on Saturday at 20.10 PM on SRF 1. The live, interactive broadcast from the Studio in Zurich, produced due to the corona crisis without a Studio audience. The Circuits to the guests are held via phone. (kad)