Specialists of VNII GOCHS EMERCOM of Russia recommended to Russians in case of admission to hospital due to coronavirus infection to take a minimum of cash and gadgets.

“just before hospitalization in a medical institution need to put cash minimum of cash, the principal amount would be better to let on the credit card,” – said in the emergency Department.

Citizens are advised to take a mobile phone with a charger to keep in touch with friends and family, laptop, tablet, e-reader or other gadgets and also charge for them. The experts reminded that we should not forget about the passport and other identification.

in addition, experts noted that in a pandemic you should be prepared for the situation, when suddenly will worsen the condition. For a comfortable stay in the hospital in advance to prepare a set of necessary things. Patients will need an insurance policy, the patient card, as well as antiseptic and cold remedies, Allergy, analgesic, Bathrobe and pajamas, clean underwear and shoes, tracksuit.

Should take personal hygiene products (tooth brush and paste, soap, toilet paper and wet wipes), towel, shampoo, cosmetics. Also you may need a mug and a plate, fork, knife, spoon.