Sleep, zmörgele in the bed and the togetherness to enjoy: After Sven Epiney (47) has stirred with his Declaration of love on TV, Switzerland to tears, enjoy it and be fresh fiance Michael Graber (26) a nearly normal Sunday. Just the red roses remind you of the special occasion.

The night before, surprised Epiney in the finals of “Shall we dance?” with a marriage proposal. The sovereign Moderator of the voice faltered, for once, as he walked in front of his loved one on the knee. Not victory playing a role, but “who am I, my life wants to spend, and you’re not. And I hope you do also. I would love to be your husband and hope you are also mine.”

courage for the question of all questions

Epiney not doubted that he would pay his life partner a Yes. “I just didn’t know if I would be able to summon to our presence, really have the courage to ask him the question of all questions,” he says to VIEW. For the past eight years, the two are a Couple, the decision to request aged for at Epiney, after it was decided was that they would dance together in the Finale. Alone, this was a public proof of Love, a marriage proposal in front of Thousands of TV viewers Graber was not prepared, though: “The more emotional I felt the beautiful words of Sven. I’m going to forget this moment, never.”

Sandra Studer (50), the led as a presenter through the Show was Surprised. Epiney had you notified about the fact that he wanted to thank his Michael to the Dance with flowers. “He asked me if I would give him the microphone. I knew what that could mean, but I was, in the end, just as flabbergasted as everyone else.” Also in the SRF, you didn’t know about the marriage proposal, only individual employees had knowledge of it, that “a Surprise” was planned.

A Problem that a SRF-employees are not using the public screen area for such a private Moment, one sees in the leutschenbach, on the contrary. “Such a live show allows for special moments – this was certainly one of them. Marriage proposals are one of the most emotional moments in life and are therefore a popular part of shows like “Happy Day” – there were already applications in the case of “Every penny counts” or “I’ll tavern song””, it says in a statement.

One reason to legalize the Home-marriage

Exceptionally, however, is that it is of the same sex, and a prominent Few. “We congratulate you from the heart! Another reason to legalize, finally, the Home-marriage”, is the comment by Tamy Glauser (34) and her friend Dominique Rinderknecht (29). Because a proper marriage is for the Couple probably at the earliest in the year 2022, provided that the Initiative “marriage for all” until then, all the hurdles. Today, there are for gay and lesbian couples only the registered partnership.

For enthusiasm Epineys insert that provides the best broadcasting time in the case of the gay organisation Pink Cross. “It makes the love of same-sex couples to be visible. An important step on the way, that this is nothing Exceptional, but quite normal,” says business head of the Roman Heggli (28). Even if Epiney wants to put his request more of a private than a political Statement, an influence it have not yet. “He plays an important role-model function and, in wide circles for more acceptance,” says Heggli.

The magic of the moment makes TV history

remains Unforgettable is the application only for the Few and the many spectators, Epiney writes thus of a piece of TV history and company policy. “It’s nice when there are on television these unplanned moments,” says Studer. “Sven has used the magic of the moment, and that was totally consistent.”

He complains: “the unworthy methods, which destroy the trust in our system of direct democracy,” said SP national councillor Mathias Reynard (31). What had happened? Reynard, the father of the expansion of the Anti-racism Penal provision on gay and Bisexual, was raised on the road in Sion of those who collect the signatures for the Referendum against the law.

But instead of saying what they collected, they told Reynard, it’s going to be a fight against discrimination. So just the opposite of the referendum! Pikant: The Text was obscured by the collectors. This shows a Video, filmed Reynard.

EDU denies responsibility

the EDU in the state Worked to come of the referendum with unfair means? EDU-President Hans Moser (67) admits on the phone to VIEW, although inconsistencies in Sion. But he disclaims any responsibility. “It’s none of our business,” says Moser.

Because, in Sion, not the EDU itself, but the authorized company Incop Switzerland, have collected the signatures. And Moser is shot against Reynard: “I’m curious if this Video is not provided.”