Since July 1991, the Cologne-based private channel RTL is a solid Institution as the German Free-TV provider of Live formula 1 races. RTL has accompanied many Fans for decades through different epochs: at First, Michael Schumacher was there, with the Golden Ferrari years, then the four titles, Sebastian Vettel came and finally that of Nico Rosberg.

Together with RTL Moderator Florian König was a fixed star in the sky of many of the German formula 1 Fans. In the formula 1-Podcast ‘Starting Grid’ have invited the Hosts Kevin Scheuren and Ole Waschkau king and now to a fascinating look behind the Scenes of the Grand-Prix Broadcasts on RTL, an Interview duration of almost two hours.

The Podcast, a coproduction of confronted the king with a criticism which is voiced in the Community again and again, and hotly debated, related to the RTL but rarely in public Position. King is not afraid in the ‘Starting Grid’, this is one hot potato to handle, and honest to deal with.

“In retrospect, if I may say so, we have offers traditional to us at the time, of course, insane on Michael,” he replied to the criticism, RTL’ve done for many years, “Schumacher-TV” and sometimes the journalistic objectivity too far aside.

to reign over Schumacher-Era at RTL: “We have given the monkey sugar”

“That was but at the time, the Mainstream, the desire of the audience, I think. Alone the ratings at that time! In the season 2000 or 2001 we had from the ratings of over ten million [viewers] on average. With all the night races, and so on,” explains king.

“of course watched because of Michael. Every 14 days there’s the German national anthem, and our Michael, of the best. And so on. It has been happy.” RTL’ve surfed on this wave – or, as king puts it: “We gave the monkeys the sugar.” Imago Florian king (with microphone) in an Interview with the former Ferrari Star Michael Schumacher.

“In retrospect, we were the subject of the table at the time, much too sharp, actually,” he admits. “We have reported little about the other, too little might also be fair about the competition. And I have to say. This has changed over the years, everything.”

“but I regret nothing at all to. That was so, and that was for at the time, correctly from my point of view. We don’t have it Be known then even better, and were perhaps themselves so intoxicated by this Schumacher, consequently, of our Rate that we have not questioned. No question about it.”

“I think we would make it today maybe a bit different. But at the time, it was the right one,” says the presenter, and makes the change an example: “today I have a lot to do with Damon Hill, the colleague is the English Pay-TV Sky, I get on great. We like to go out to play Golf.”

king regrets: Damon Hill is actually a nice guy

“of Course, Damon Hill was the antagonist, the Bad guy. The Narrative was at that time in time, in the Benetton years. Everything other than the. This is a good guy, a thoughtful person. Since we already have a very black-and-white reports,” says king.

But: “it was at the time, I also believe the point of view of things. The people in Germany have asked the I think so. It is always the question: do you what, what is there, or to create any mood? I think this has caused each other a bit.”

The full Interview with Florian king is now available to download in our radio player, via the (soon-to-guest: Mario Theissen) or at our cooperation partners .

Speaking of the Podcast: the king is now freelance and employed for RTL and operates “by the way,” his own Podcast, with interview guests from the world of Sports. “Cyber-Training”: the Bayern players fit FOCUS Online/Glomex “Cyber-Training to keep”: the Bayern keep players fit

This article was written by Christian Nimmervoll

*The contribution of “Moderator Florian König on the “Schumi-TV” on RTL: “We have published the monkey sugar”” is of Contact with the executives here.