Luka Jovic’ modelkæreste come to him now to the rescue in the middle in the Serbian shitstorm.

Real Madrid’s Serbian striker Luka Jovic has had some emotional days.

the Other day he decided to leave his corona-quarantine in Madrid to go home to Belgrade, where he, instead of taking the mandatory 14 karantænedage several times was spotted in festive layers in the capital.

Jovic has subsequently been severely criticized by, among others, the Serbian prime minister, who calls him ‘a bad example’. And the Serbian police have also initiated an investigation of the Jovic’ quarantine-refusal.

Supposedly, Jovic home to Belgrade, and to celebrate its modelkæreste, Sofia Milosevic’s, birthday. But now it turns out, there was also another motivation to leave the house in Madrid.

For in the midst of all virakken, the couple has suddenly revealed that they are expecting their first child – and it is a part of the explanation of the Jovic’ controversial choice.

In a posting on the Instagram write Sofia Milosevic:

“We would like to share our happy news with you. We are expecting a baby. I am so thankful that Luka can be by my side in this period.”

“I could not imagine me to be without him in this difficult time for the whole world,” says.

the 22-year-old Luka Jovic switched in summer to the Spanish kongeklub from the German Eintracht Frankfurt.

the Corona-virus epicenter in Spain, just Madrid, which accounts for more than half of the country’s 17.000 corona-infected and two-thirds of the Spanish corona-deaths.

the Capital city has been in ‘lockdown’ since the previous Saturday, and people have been urged to stay in their homes and not leave the city.