A 29-year-old, iranian model drawing, just now the headlines throughout the world for its attention-grabbing but also disheartening story.

She has fled her homeland for fear of its strict islamist law, and ended up homeless in the French capital, Paris.

the Slump started for Negzzia, when she in 2017 got taken some pictures, where she appeared in lingerie. It is illegal for women in Iran to be photographed half-naked, and may be punished with both the whip and the prison, writes the Daily Mail.

the Images ended up in police hands, and therefore she saw no other way out than to flee out of the country. First to Turkey and then on to Paris, where she sought the awl in november 2018, in time to try to continue her modeling career.

the Dream was shattered, however, quickly, since she is without money and a network could not get jobs or pay for a place to stay. She had to sell her possessions and live on the street.

According to the news agency Efe saw she repeatedly, that seemingly merciful men would help her with both work and shelter, but each time it appeared that they would have sex in return.

Meanwhile, sneglede her asylum case itself off, and the desperate situation led her to attempt suicide three times.

Yet regret she nothing.

“I’m proud to be a woman who stepped out of my comfort zone and broke all the rules, which do not respect the women”, she writes on her Instagram profile.

According to a French journalist seized the story of her fate, are things now in the right direction for the beautiful model.

First and foremost, she has got a roof over your head in the form of a detention centre, and the French interior minister Christophe Castaner has personally promised that there will be taken care of her asylum case as soon as possible.

The massive publicity in France and the rest of the world have also opened the doors for her career-wise, and the whole 122.000 follow now her Instagram profile, where she primarily put photos up of themselves.