The Model Ayesha Tan Jones (26) made it to Fashion Week in Milan, caused a stir. As the Gucci Models in white, forced clothes on the treadmill-like catwalk have been sent, advised the 26-Year-old a message to the world. She raised her hands, saying: “Mental health is not fashion.” English: Mental health is not fashion.

On Instagram, the Model explains to his Protest: “For a big fashion house, like Gucci, it is harmful and insensitive, use these images as a concept for a fleeting fashion moment.” She also admits that she has also experienced her own struggles with mental health. The Protest was very peaceful, and should not cause a scandal. She merely wanted that people see the message and understand.

Even Gucci came forward after the Show to word. The straight jackets are only for Show use and not for sale. Gucci creative Director Alessandro Michele (47) have designed these simple dresses, to show how the self-representation of the Power of the Mode is suppressed. Not expressed the Protest of the Models the Italian fashion house, but. (fmü)