In August, the Pension Fund of Russia will automatically perform the recalculation of pensions to working pensioners. Traditional indexing this category of the elderly are deprived in 2016. Two years their pensions were not increased nor a penny. 2018 recalculation: pension insurance increases due to seniority and income, but the increase is limited to three pension points. This year working pensioner can receive a maximum of 279 rubles.

In Russia there are about 14 million officially working pensioners. Because they already have a steady income, the government decided not to index the pensions as is done for non-working peers.

the Only gain is calculated in August: FIU accrues pension points, given the accumulated year of service and paid salaries insurance premiums.

the Formula for calculating allowances is very complex and not amenable to understanding. It is important to know that seniors can add a maximum of three points, and the cost of each score is 93 rubles.

last year, the cost of the pension factor was 87,24 rubles, and the maximum gain was equal to 261,72 of the ruble. In 2020 will be 17 rubles a penny more.

However, working pensioners and a fixed pay-out in January, which was introduced for all older after raising the retirement age. This year it was 5 685,25 roubles, which is 6.6% a year earlier.

However, even with those in power recognize the injustice to working pensioners. The head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin has suggested to return to the question of indexing. A bill with the same proposal in June submitted to the state Duma deputies from the liberal democratic party. The government, however, the project answered the negative review.

“This indexing is better than nothing. Allowance 93-279 rubles seems to be a mockery, if not a fixed payment. It staged two times higher than the inflation rate as an increase, at least in rubles was a bit. However, the idea to resume the indexing may be the future: it may be a good electoral move for the elections to the state Duma next year, especially if the proposal to come from the ruling party”, – said the head of Department of analytical researches of the Higher school of financial management Mikhail Kogan.

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