Mobile YouTube hid the useless tab

Developers YouTube saved the menu of the mobile application from the section “In the trend” (Trending) with a selection of the increasingly popular rollers. His place was taken by a new tab Navigator (Explore), which was tested over the last two years, reported to Google.

“Navigator” is designed by analogy with “recommended” in Instagram. There assembled not only the content, which begins to attract the attention of the audience, but also personalized recommendations videos and channels on various subjects. Their only three – “Music”, “Movies” and “video games.” Subsequently, the directory will fill up with videos on the subject of education, news and fashion and beauty.

in Addition, based on the preferences and browsing history, “Navigator” will start to offer bloggers who have recently appeared on YouTube. As a rule, to be recommended will be the channels with number of subscribers 10,000.

Section “In the trend” was not very popular among users. Usually includes videos, gaining a large number of views because of the “viral” headlines, or those algorithms are considered potentially interesting for a wide audience.

“Navigator” will appear in the versions of YouTube for iOS and Android. All users will see a new tab in the coming weeks.

Text: To.Hi-tech