The world’s largest mobile Phone trade show in Barcelona, is for the manufacturer an opportunity, unusual ideas to a large audience. VIEW has found the three most striking Smartphone innovations. And on the heart and kidneys checked.

the LG Dual Screen: the Second screen to connect

While Huawei and Samsung with foldable phones on the screen to increase surface area, treated to LG the LG V50 ThinQ 5G just a second Screen – in high definition Oled technology. This can be docked device, such as a sheath to the main. The User can now use Apps anywhere on one of the two screens and a Video, watch and surf the Internet. Price and release date are still open.

Nubia Alpha: mobile phone worn on the wrist

The Chinese manufacturer of the new, flexible uses screens and turn a 4-inch Screen around the wrist. So, a Mix of Smartphone and Smartwatch. Nubia has been programmed for that extra own operating system that also responds to gesture controls. The wrist-phone Alpha has integrated Apps, measures the pulse, is connected thanks to eSIM to the mobile radio, and has even installed a 5-Megapixel Selfiecam. The price for the hilarious second device, however, is steep: around 500 francs.

Nokia 9 pureview: the First phone with five cameras

The new Flagship model from the Finnish brand has a main camera with five lenses. You can shoot each at the same time a picture and use all this data to automatically the best possible photo. First Tests show that It wins the dynamics, Details and contrast. In addition, you can change the focus later. The otherwise top-equipped Nokia costs 9 Pure View with 128 GB of memory, 6-inch-Oled-screen and a fingerprint scanner below the Display 679 Swiss francs.