The new mobile radio standard in 5G splits the minds. The economy insists on a speedy introduction of the Hyper-fast network. Parts of the policy and arranged for Doctors to fight back against an increase in the radiation limit. But what will 5G bring, really? What is true, what is not? VIEW makes the fact check.

5G luxury that no one needs?

of Course, 5G is the Ferrari of mobile radio standards. At the same time, new technology brings technical features for digitalisation of great importance. The fact is that The current 4G network is for everyday Surfing fast enough. Much more important, however, is the low response time. Data can be transferred in real time between machines or factories. With the coming of the net a 100 times higher data rate than the current 4G Standard is supposed to be possible.

Is the radiation limit of pure esotericism?

no. In Switzerland, there are two types of border rules values, the cellular burden of the population. The ambient air quality limit values (IGW) limit the cumulative radiation of all transmission facilities, which may arrive in a place, where people could stop. This IGW in Switzerland are the same as in most neighboring countries. In contrast, the investment threshold is now to be softened is limited, the radiation of each individual mobile radio equipment for locations where people spend longer periods of time. The Parliament has rejected the increase in the international comparison, lower Investment threshold in 2018.

from Drop me now because of 5G, the hair, if the limit is increased?

Actually, it is still unclear what effect the rays have on human health. The world health organization (WHO) considers that it is not, for example, the possibility that non-ionizing radiation does cause cancer. In a study conducted at the Ramazzini Institute of the University of Bologna (I) were rats and mice to mobile phone radiation. The researchers discovered a connection between radiation and cancer in the trials in the United States, however, only in male rats.

to Spy on us, the Chinese are soon in the bathroom?

The two largest mobile providers Swisscom and Sunrise will maintain good relations with the Chinese Telecom giant Huawei. This provides Swisscom components for the fixed network, Sunrise, in turn, relies for the construction of the 5G mobile and wireless communications network to Chinese companies. The United States is trying to be the Switzerland of cooperation with Huawei in the mobile radio network to prevent. They suspect the group to use its infrastructure for espionage on behalf of the Chinese government. Evidence is not yet available. The background rather, the trade is likely to be a dispute between the United States and China. The US government is leading a campaign against Huawei.

I Need to buy me a new phone?

the first Smartphones with 5G are Swisscom and Sunrise available. Until the summer, it should be about a half-dozen models – all in the top price range of 850 to 2000 Swiss francs. You are at the moment, especially for technology Fans thought, who are willing, ten francs per month for a subscription with 5G to spend. Current devices that support 4G, you can also use it in ten years. 4G is enough for current applications to stream such high resolution Videos. In the latest two years, almost all Smartphones sold will support the fast Standard 5G.

Collapses without 5G our economy?

of Course not. Although parts of politics and the economy, claiming that Switzerland degeneriere without a 5G-Expansion to the digital development of the country. It is clear that 5G allows for faster data transport than 4G. Thus, Autonomous Drive, drones deliveries, Internet of things, and many other technologies that will develop in the next few years. But Over fiber networks today already Hyper can be sent quickly data packets. However, the massive Expansion of the fibre-optic network is expensive – and 5G is mobile.

The trade dispute between Donald Trump and China escalated. As a result, Google announced that the cooperation with the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer Huawei is being massively restricted.

This also applies to Swiss customers: The mobile phones from Huawei have installed the Google Android operating system, and Apps such as Gmail, the video service Youtube, or Google Maps.

by the USA to the specifications, Huawei will have to do without these Apps, and Android is just as uncomfortable base version can use.

Google, and Huawei does not emphasize that all who have now a Huawei phone, can use all Apps and security Updates as long as the conflict intensified. Lorenz Keller