All four side Windows of the Splitter is to be taken, on the Asphalt. Such a view, reader found on Tuesday morning a Swisscom car in a Parking lot in Basel. Apparently, the work of radiation-skeptics. Because the bonnet of a white Renault left behind by the rioters of the following inscription: “5G? Resistance!!!” (translated: “5G? Resistance!!!”). A reader of the reporters sent to VIEW the images.

With your Auto-destructive action want to show the Unknown seems to be that 5G is in Basel undesirable. Currently, there are only a few locations, the lightning-fast network. Swisscom and Sunrise want to change that. Your destination: The whole of Switzerland with 5G supply. However, it requires more antennas.

And it is precisely at this point, emotions have been regularly high. Because many people fear by the mobile network Expansion of a higher radiation exposure and a health risk.

Swisscom: “This experience is not new for us.”

In the case of Swisscom, one of the attack, a little surprised: “This experience is not new for us. The topic of 5G is at the Moment very present,” says spokesman Armin Schädeli. “In the year 2004, with the introduction of 3G/UMTS, there was also a controversy in a similar extent.”

the 5G debate would be Fired, especially in and through the social media, where radiation is opponents mobile. “Incidents such as those with the individual vehicle, but you never know.” (jmh/gust)