Mnuchin and Blankfein said that Bernie Sanders will destroy the US economy

the Former head of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that the presidential candidate of the Democratic party, Bernie Sanders will destroy the US economy if he wins the election. About it reports Reuters.

“Sanders is as polarized as the trump, and it will destroy our economy and doesn’t care about our military,” he wrote on Twitter Blankfein, who headed the American Bank Goldman Sachs during the financial crisis. He also said that Russia would support Sanders.

On the question, whether he agrees with the observation Blankfein about the fact that Sanders, as President, will “destroy” the economy, Mnuchin told reporters on Wednesday: “I think that Lloyd Blankfein could not be more right in that.”

meanwhile, supporters of Sanders recalled that when Blankfein since the financial crisis.

“That’s how looks and sounds the panic from the elite wall street,” wrote on Twitter, the campaign Manager Sanders Faiz Shakir.

Blankfein previously criticized the proposal by Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren about the “wealth tax”. In November, he said that the plan “completely unworkable” because it would require the annual valuation of property taxpayers.