Season 2019/20 will remain in the history of the Russian theatre as the first pandemic in two acts. First — nothing new fussy-important-triumph-competitive-ambitious (autumn-winter). And second (spring-summer) — extraordinarily panic-shumoizolyatsionnye, life in the online and prospects, frightening his coronavirus nebula and prohibitions from the CPS.

Early September. While nothing portends trouble. Konstantin Bogomolov puts a performance which beats all records for attendance in the media and Internet space. And who was the witness of this miracle alive, proudly talks about the celebration of the sacred marriage. The couple — Konstantin Bogomolov and Ksenia Sobchak — touring the Russian capital in a hearse. In the carriage arrive at the wedding in the temple, where there is a deanery with splendor. But in the end the wedding celebration wife-rebel indulges in the sin — at the wedding table lights in honor of the beloved. No, whatever they say evil tongues, but the young lady and the hooligan have found each other.

Two weeks later. As a bad sign — at the beginning of die season mark Zakharov, the Patriarch of the Russian theatre, nearly half a century at the helm of the “Lenkom”. In his work — always a spectacular, paradoxical, with a mandatory claim to a political statement — as the years have increasingly heard the sad tone. Theatrical old rebel had gone quiet, turning his face to the hospital wall, asleep. Forever. In the coffin, the Wizard lay, as in life, pale and stern, with his prominent nose. Now in “Lenkom” taxis other mark Varshaver, dedicated professional managerial corps. He will bring to the public the latest Master plan — the play “the Trap”, which he did not live to complete. A rare case of generosity. And three months later in another landmark theatre will leave from the life of Galina Volchek. Appointed hydrocone in one day, they died at the same time.

Start theater in the fall. the History of the icon of grunge rock and Kurt Cobain is the artistic Director of “art Nouveau” Yuri Grymov in his play “Nirvana”. Performed at the theatre cinematic, in close-UPS, it will sound a powerful artistic statement on the subject of “drugs and youth”.

Autumn marked by the beatings. The first case in the history of modern theatre — artistic Director hit the actor. Head of the Moscow art theatre. Bitter Boyakov cause some shock-slapping the artist Sakharov because he tries to go to the meeting of the troupe. The artist, who has in the face of the artistic Director, will return to the clinic where you have to catch a beating. And Edward will continue to strictly enforce the order in the theater of Tatiana Doronina, calling himself a follower of Stanislavsky. And what does Stanislavsky?

October. still nothing portends trouble. For the first time on PRfreeskier overseeing the stage of transgender. In a small theater “Practice”, in the play “Skidding” on “neplese” Vladimir Sorokin. The advancement of gender supported by advanced technological: spectators watch the performance through spetsakov. The role of the wife of the main character plays the lady expressive appearance: beautiful, brittle, capricious. Chest, be all… But the tone is still not lady — nowhere to hide. And then someone yells that we have on stage only welcome traditional values?

Late autumn. As a sluggish SARS in the body, stretches all business “Seventh Studio”. Like all the defendants finally released from house arrest. And the experts prove that nothing has been stolen, and even on the contrary — made unrealistic for the development of the country modern art. Zataplivaja hope for a favorable outcome immediately melts: its return for further investigation, and the judge appoints the periodic court sessions daily from 10 am to 18.00. Of course, about any violation of the labor code of the question — contrary to the dreams of Prime Minister Medvedev is still a five-day working week and an eight-hour day.

Then. On the presentation of the state awards in the Kremlin, people’s artist of USSR Tatyana Doronina is a 40-minute audience with President Vladimir Putin. The President — her last hope of getting satisfaction: outstanding actress in exchange for resignation from the post of artistic Director of guaranteed participation in the creative life of the theater, but he failed. And the President is clearly not up to the theater, and the balance of forces remains the same: Doronina, like a Queen in exile, Boyakov in Moscow art Theater continues to defend “space Russian, Russian, of enlightened patriotism.” However, that means sowing gravitas, no one can explain.

the Beginning of November. From “Snuff” seems to be recovering breath, tangled in recent years because of the ill health of its founder. In “the government Inspector” directed by Sergei Gazarov not fall, despite the high price of tickets, amounting to 15 000 rubles (220 Euro dependenices rate). Theatre hyperactive physical actions, the Director connects with the psychological. Among the luminaries of “Snuff” played a very new — Vladislav Miller, which, possibly, waiting for a starry future.

Then, in late autumn. the Disciples who died a year ago of Dmitry Brusnikina hold the first festival in memory of his teacher — “Bratfest”. The first pancake is not something that is not lumpy, and conceptually designed and implemented in a big way at various art venues in the city.

in Parallel. the Festival is suitable for Directors, innovators, artists or independent companies. My first festival is carried out on the basis of the Vakhtangov theatre managers. In the centre of the forum is not a theoryOia, and the best practices of theatrical management. The number of participants shows the demand for such professional meetings: the forum was attended by 450 of the theatrical managers of the 270 municipal and 50 private institutions of culture, 11 000 followed by work colleagues online.

In anticipation of winter. Your multimedia project represents the Theatre of Nations in the new space. “I killed the king” — VR-performance, where, thanks to the VR helmet, one remains alone with the story of the death of the Royal family. The investigation built on the lot of testimony, which the actors give on behalf of the members of the Royal family and their executioners — a total of 35 characters.

hot theater November the same. Stanislavsky Electrotheatre is adult audience of his “Pinocchio” is a two — day marathon, inspired by the work of Carlo Collodi about a wooden man. “Pinocchio. Diptych” (as is the title of Boris Yukhananov) is not just a tale and not just Collodi, and the whole pyramidology. In “Pinocchio” of uhananov continues to explore the nature of theatre, with its inflamed beauty, sensual labyrinth, where there is a game of the mind and delusions. And cultivated the game, which can get lost in search of itself, and even the viewer.

a week before New year. “Contemporary” in mourning — dying Galina Volchek. Examining the gifts received at Christmas, she suddenly loses consciousness from which it will never return to earthly reality. Her escort luxuriantly, where the phrase “all Moscow” — not a figure of speech, and all that came to say goodbye with charismatic personality, stretches from the metro and applauds moving the coffin. Gone era, lump, the latter the founder of the legendary “Contemporary”. The theater numb from grief and the unknown. Artists still do not know what surprise they will be cooked the same day that the burial Galina.

the day before the New year. the Department of culture suddenly announce new artistic Director of “Sovremennik” — Victor Ryzhakov from the Center. Meyerhold. Not only theatre, but also the whole country is in shock from the speed with which the appointment is made. For decency is not sustained even for 40 days. Which means only one thing — the chair of the Director of the theatre saw a serious fight, and won the candidate, whose life was stronger. And in this scenario on memorial days I don’t think neither the city nor the appointee.

Suspiciously warm January. Again, “Contemporary” releases first without Volchek Prime Minister — “Dad” on the play by French playwright Florian Zeller. And she also dedicates. Until March, all tickets were sold, despite the fact that it is a psychological drama. What! The role of the protagonist — Sergey Garmash. Unusual, unrecognizable, minus the usual ragged gromashevskiy of intonaciI. the movements of the other person, so like a artist. But he plays not ill person and the diagnosis, and, perhaps, the hardest of all life, which sooner or later will have to answer.

warm February-March. In Russia are not afraid of a coronavirus. To Moscow for the first time gets a prize Charlie Chaplin established the Foundation of his heirs. Her first owner is a Director of the Theatre of Nations Yevgeny Mironov. To declare the name of the winner 2020 and to present the statue in the Russian capital arrives the granddaughter of the great Charlie, Kiera Chaplin, actress, model, producer. And the virus is not afraid of striking blonde.

Mid warm March. 16th day of the first month of spring — the black day of the Russian theatre. The mayor closes the work of cultural institutions. Theatre Director count the losses. The Vakhtangov theatre 109 cancels performances on six stages and returns to the spectators for tickets 50 million rubles. Canceled premieres, tours and festivals. Autumn projects are also under threat. The first act of the season ends in mid-sentence. Comes second to life in which no one is ready.

April. As the snow head — first, news about the disappearance of a high official of the Department of culture of Moscow, Leonid Osharin responsible for the capital’s theaters. Then he will be found dead in a rented apartment in Yalta. Despite the official conclusion of suicide, nobody believes in him — not the Leonid man so cowardly to leave family, friends and the theater that knew and loved and who loved him. A man of action, strong, but why murdered? Investigation is taken under special control. Even by the standards of quarantine in the last journey of Leonid accompanies a lot of people. For theatre and the Department of culture, his departure is a huge loss.

APR. The beginning. the Government issues a decree, which awaits the cultural industry, at the forefront affected by the pandemic. The decree No. 437 will be including for theaters a kind of ventilator. However, under one condition: his skillful use. That is an important document now gives the right to the founder (Ministry, Department culture, etc.) to change the parameters of the state of the task to the subordinate theatres.

April. How to escape and survive the theater without an audience? There are two ways: to lie down, subjected to the fate of waiting for a miracle, or to indulge in all serious. Theaters, shaking up the archives of the performances and post recordings to the Internet. And it turns out that qualitatively captured (and not with one or two cameras) performances at the theatres over the last 20 years virtually no. This means that Moscow has no evidence of a rich theatrical heritage, which is on the next pageovah likes to be proud of. And rightly so — what’s unique about the actors and Directors here have worked and are working! So the Russian capital, with its power now it is necessary to choose: to start a gold collection of their performances or to continue to live the myths.

All the time. a Pandemic, it seems, once and for all stop the discussion about the two models of contemporary theatre — state, that is, living at the expense of public funds, or non, existing at the expense of private capital. Artists repertory theatres in contrast to the self-employed colleagues the entire quarantine period receive wages, and the enterprise bankrupt. But guaranteed financial stability will not now allow the actors to Express dissatisfaction with leadership: he opened his mouth — the candidate on a departure.

the Beginning of June. the Famous actor Mikhail Efremov sat behind the wheel in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication. What happened next is known throughout the country. Not with malicious intent they killed people, his own fate is broken, the position of the family and six children from different marriages, which it contains, is unknown. But in the tragic history of striking: 1) the behavior of colleagues who, like saints, poured sinner’s Ephraim media, catching PR on a poor friend-the alcoholic; 2) the audience, who loved Ephraim that is drunk on screen and in life, demand on him of violence, and 3) Where did this strange lawyer Pashayev, who continually substitutes Efremov?

Hot June. Finally declared the sentence of the defendants in the case, “the Seventh Studio”. Not justified, but the worst, demanded that the Prosecutor is not going to happen. Conditional terms that, while there was a trial counted; however, the penalty is 129 million for four is not happy. Hell the amount — not the income of the former defendants. One hope for the oligarchs, and to high-profile cases have supported the art Director Kirill Serebrennikov. It is an economic fact in the society is perceived as purely political, though it is not. But through him many have earned moral and political dividends. For the sound effect, no one remembered the young teatroved Kate Voronov, faithfully served as the Manager of the progressive art. And whose fate is tragic: while abroad, as witness Voronov wanted. Now she can’t enter Russia, to meet with parents will be immediately brought to justice. But it seems that her fate no one cares.

At the end of June. the biggest stage in Europe — the Theatre of the Russian army is still without an artistic Director. The Ministry of defence, which owns the theater on Suvorov square does not prolong the contract with Boris Morozov, who led for 25 years by a military theater. In whose hands will give Sergei Shoigu this edifice — 10 floors on surface�� and 10 underground, is unknown. But this property is in the center of Moscow in the form of theatre — continuous flow. Not to turn her into a profitable business center?

Cool July. Theatres after the latest shops, metro and hairdressers are given permission to work. But tickets are not sold, to brag there is nothing, life online, creating the illusion of the theatrical life, all got. But there is a silver lining, and staying in the virtual space still brings their own, albeit small, but open — for them and for the viewer. Born Internet projects, arranged meetings in Zoom, several theaters, Instagram works as a domestic TV with a rigid broadcasting schedule. The “Teatral” magazine announces a competition for “Best art response to the coronavirus”. The most active are combined in projects. First — music #Parathion (initiated by the Theatre. Evgeny Vakhtangov and “Tetrarum” Teresa Durova), and the second is socially significant action #pomahival, which lasted almost a day (held by the theatre magazine “Theater”, the “Not in vain”). Artists read documentary texts written by physicians, nurses, nurse’s aides, who was at the epicenter of the fight against coronavirus. The event attracted 3 870 000 rubles.

And yet, and yet… Pandemic, none considering, at its discretion distributed the roles, showing who lives in the home, what is the true cost of the theatre. And who on the theatre field is worth — really, not in the modern mythology. In a pandemic isolation even had a strange and unpleasant feeling of the uselessness of theater, which for more than four months, seemed to remember only his workers. And like it not, and without it like you can. But no, life as and life without theatre. Especially in Russia, where the theatre somehow still more than the theater.



Best actor — Sergei Garmash (Andre, “Dad”, the Moscow theater “Sovremennik”); Igor Kostolevsky (sundresses, “Eldest son”, Theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky).

Best actress — Eugene Simon (Lika, “Moscow choir”, Theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky).

the Best male role of the second plan — Stanislav Lyubshin, the Seagull, the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov );

Best actress of the second plan – Nina Gulyaev (Grandmother, White nights, the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov);

Best performance — “Dad” (dir. Yevgeny Arye, the Moscow Sovremennik theatre); Pinocchio (dir. Boris Yukhananov, the Stanislavsky “Stanislavsky”);

Artist — Yuri Harika (“Pinocchio”, the “Electrotheatre Stanislavsky”).


Best actor — Sergei Volkov; Pavel Popov (peer Gynt, Another peer Gynt, “peer Gynt”, the Vakhtangov Theatre).

Best actress Victoria Tolstoganova (Anna, “Father”, the Moscow theatre “ModernMinnick”); Daria Moroz (Arkadina, the Seagull, the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov).

Best actor in a supporting role — Alexander Marin (Bobchinsky/Dobchinsky, “Inspector”, the Moscow theatre of O. Tabakov); Yury Anpilogov (Drag, “Nirvana”, the theatre “Modern”).

Best actress of the second plan — Eugene Kregzde (mother, “peer Gynt”, the Vakhtangov Theatre); Zoe Kaydanovskaya (Era, “Moscow choir”, Theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky).

Best performance — “peer Gynt”, (dir. Yuri Butusov, the Vakhtangov Theatre); “the Inspector General” (dir. Sergey Gazarov, the Moscow theatre of O. Tabakov).

the Best work of artist Nikolay Simonov (“Dad”, the Moscow theater “Sovremennik”).


Best actor — Vladislav Miller (Khlestakov “the government Inspector”, the Moscow theatre of O. Tabakov), Bogdan Schukin (“Nirvana”, the theatre “Modern”).

Best actress — Anastasia Sycheva (Courtney Love, “Nirvana”, the theatre “Modern”); Julia Marycheva (ADDY, “Yoknapatawpha”, Theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky).

the Best male role of the second plan — Yuri Sokurov (Musician, “peer Gynt”, the Vakhtangov Theatre); Stanislav Kardashev (Vardaman, “Yoknapatawpha”, Theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky).

Best actress of the second plan — Natalia Kachalova (Marya Antonovna, “Inspector”, the Moscow theatre of O. Tabakov).


the Multimedia project — “I killed the king” (Theatre of Nations, dir. Mikhail Patlasov).

the Show-the promenade — “Procession” (the Studio of theatre arts, dir. Vera Kamyshnikova).

Tandem — Maria Belyaeva Svetlana Naydenova (“Pinocchio”, the “Electrotheatre Stanislavsky”).

the Ensemble — Avangard Leontyev, Sergey Ugryumov, Olga Krasko, Mikhail Khomyakov (“Night in hotel”, Moscow theatre of O. Tabakov).

the Festival NET (New European theatre

Musical performance — “primetime” (Moscow musical theatre).

the Independent theatre “Snark”.