Donald Trump (73) feared a Republican never. In the past few years, the US President has harassed many party colleagues, insulted, mocked. Including variables such as George W. Bush (73), Marco Rubio (48) or Ted Cruz (48). Trump knew that he could afford. Who wants to make against the President enjoys within the party a huge retention (about 90 percent)?

But now the White house should rethink. There is a traitor in Trumps Washington, respectively, in Trumps the Republican party. And these “Judas”, as some Conservatives call it, is always more powerful.

Mitt Romney (72). The man who tried twice in vain to be President, could end in the near future presidency. He is a Trump-enemy of the first hour. Already during the election campaign in 2016, he turned decisively against the Republican candidate. The Problem at the time, Romney had no Power, was a “naked” politician – without an official office.

That has changed in the meantime. Romney represents since January, 2019 the state of Utah in the U.S. Senate. Since then, he is an even bigger Trump-critics as it was already 2016. And is always dangerous for the President.

Romney’s Fake Account on Twitter

This week, Romney, in the magazine “The Atlantic” with his statements caused a stir. It goes first to his distance to the President. Romney, a devout Mormon, has 5 children and 18 grandchildren, not called a example, which is why he thinks of Trump as a Person a lot. “If you pay during the campaign a pornstar 130’000 dollars, it must be factored in public opinion.”

Then he reveals incidentally a secret that brings him a lot of malice and ridicule in the social media. Romney says the magazine, he was on Twitter, especially with an anonymous account on the go. Shortly after the publication of the article, a journalist makes the Twitter profile to find. Romney is called “Pierre Delecto”, shares as a (previously) anonymous Person posts that criticize Trump. Sometimes below the belt line.

This is a coward. And at the same time disappointing. Romney stands apart from those faint-hearted Republicans, and just complain behind closed doors about Trump.

Romney: By the Trump-traitor to the Trump-gravedigger?

Romney, but can also be different, wouldn’t have to hide behind a Fake Account.

The Democrats now hope that not only “Pierre Delecto”, but also Mitt Romney supported her Impeachment process. Indicated he already has, by behavior Trumps in the Ukraine affair as “wrong” and “shameful”, described.

The omens are also good: The million-dollar entrepreneurs, with 72 years in the autumn of his career, and must compete in five years for re-election. If Trump in the house of representatives “impeacht” and the Senate must advise on a final dismissal, he could encourage maybe other Republicans to follow him.

Then Mitt Romney would not only Trumps the traitor, he would be dead tombs.