In 150 countries, sold to Mitsubishi for its Traditional off-roader L200 Pickup. A type, of the 15 percent of sales, but estimated to be twice as much of the profit makes. Behind Toyota’s Hilux, Ford Ranger and Isuzu D-Max he is the global number four among the Eintönner Pickups. Now the Hero of the work goes in the since 1978, sixth round, with six major steps.

1. More face

so Far, “peeped” the L200 is a bit naive. With the new Mitsubishi-face with Full-LED headlights-slots of the sixth L200 blinking at us like a battle-ready Samurai. Together with the momentum of the cabin, the 5,30-metre workhorse is now the Mr. Cool of the Eintönner Pickups.

2. More living room

hard plastic farewell: in Spite of a lot of black plastic, there is now solidity. The new Infotainment is a bit small, but fully networked. Start button to the left of the steering Wheel – as is the case with Porsche! Important: the Rear one sits thanks to the oblique Backrest is more comfortable than expected.

3. More peace of mind

With 6d-Temp-exhaust-standard on the L200 (7.6 l/100 km) against driving bans is immune, but the diversity of the victims: in the Future, there is only the new 2268-CC turbo-diesel with 150 HP (110 kW). Even in the case of 120 matters, it is never loud, and 400 Nm from just 1750 rpm is enough – no more, no less. The new six-speed automatic is worlds smoother than the gnarled manual and laminated the turbo hole.

4. More of a celebration evening

It remains at the head of the frame with (now six instead of five) leaf springs. The switchable all-wheel drive remains extremely variable and offers new modes, Locking, setting – a real climbing talent. On Asphalt it is now more comfortable, so the evening begins at home. Great: Good steering and the smallest turning circle in the class.

5. More help

-degree camera, cross-traffic warning system is Whether or not 360 – for backward Ausparkieren, turnbuckles, holder or Uphill-and Downhill – automatic-all aboard.

6. More money

To Start the end of September, the base prices range from 28’950 (Club Cab, “Value”, circuit) to 44’950 CHF (Double Cab “Diamond”, machine) – a touch more expensive, but better equipped. With five years of warranty are a ton of useful and up to 3.1 tons (a capacity increase could follow) towing capacity.