“We managed to avoid most of the worst scenarios of a pandemic. The number of detected cases began to decline. I think that in these conditions we can continue the gradual “opening” of the economy and the resumption of city organizations,” wrote the mayor in his personal blog, where he explained the Muscovites, what kind of changes await them in the coming days.

first, may 25 the newly opened multifunctional centres of public services “My documents”. “While not in full – will work only 88 centers located in the most densely populated areas with good transport accessibility”, – said the mayor. In the newly opened IFC Muscovites will be able to get 150 different services – but only those that cannot be issued electronically. Visit the “My documents” will be available by appointment on the portal Each visitor at the entrance will measure the temperature in a contactless manner.

second, from may 25 resumes Metropolitan car-sharing. But also on special conditions. “Rent a car shall be allowed not less than 5 days. To get around the city, the client must be a digital pass. Before transferring the client machine must be disinfected,” writes the mayor. Of course, it’s not the same car sharing, which during its existence has already used the Muscovites, but also long-term rental cars will surely facilitate to someone life.

But to return workers to the offices of the mayor employers is not yet recommended. Therefore, all city organizations are required to keep the maximum share of employees working in remote mode. The right decision, when you consider that the country is too quickly withdrew all the restrictions today talk about the second wave of growth disease.

In the system around the city – too innovations. May 27 in Moscow will be valid only in Moscow digital pass. This does not mean that entry into the capital, residents of other regions is forbidden. To issue, as well as Muscovites, a digital badge they can today through Then you do not have to arrange a stir in recent days. We will remind, initially in Moscow and the Moscow region introduced an interactive system permits on the territory of the capital could ride with the suburban pass and Vice versa. Now it will be impossible.

“there Were a lot of questions about the rules of wearing masks and gloves when driving on the railway – says the mayor. To avoid misunderstandings, clarify that the use of PPE is mandatory, not only in trains but also in railway stations, stations, ticket offices, lobbies, pedestrian crossings, platforms and other objects of railway transport”. All shopping facilities and all public transport, including taxis, masks and gloves are still mandatory, mandatory requirements to their wearing is not only on the street.

Especially Sergei Sobyanin noted: for the first time since the beginning of the spread of coronavirus hope for an approaching end of the pandemic. So she gave way to disappointment, need to continue to take precautions. “We still must preserve the maximum liability for the compliance with the established limits , he writes. I’m sure then we will have the opportunity to take the next steps toward a normal life.”

as soon As the decree of the Moscow mayor on mitigating the restrictive measures appeared on the Internet, social networks exploded with the question: how now to go to the garden? And injected in the transmission mode synchronously, if the capital cancels Moscow pass, then, and the area will cancel the capital? Did these questions and the editorial office of “RG”. “We have not yet taken a decision on the abolition of actions of the Moscow passes in the Moscow region. The issue is being worked out,” commented us in the government of Moscow region.