Missouri filed a lawsuit in China because of the coronavirus

WASHINGTON, April 22 – RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. The American state of Missouri filed a lawsuit in China, accusing the country in pandemic coronavirus, said in a statement, the attorney General Eric Schmitt.

the Lawsuit accuses the Chinese authorities that they “lied to the public, did not publish important information, were arrested, complained, denied the fact of transfer (the virus) from person to person, destroyed medical research, has enabled millions of people to come into contact with the virus… thereby triggering a pandemic that could have been prevented”. Chinese authorities have denied these and other charges.

authorities Also accuse mo of China to that in the initial stage, the virus is not constrained – so, 1 January from Wuhan, where an outbreak in other cities went 175 thousand people.

the state Government declare that the pandemic has caused not only illness and death, but also massive loss of jobs.

From China require compensation for “violating public order”, an “extremely dangerous action” and “neglect of duty”. The exact amount of compensation the plaintiffs are not called.

the lawsuit is the government of the PRC, the Communist party of China and a number of other officials and state institutions.

the lawsuit is likely to no prospects in the US court. American courts, as a rule, come from the concept of sovereign immunity when the actions of foreign authorities jurisdiction in criminal and civil court in the United States.

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