After corona-the pandemic has taken hold, is håndsprit become a coveted item, and many places are reporting sold out. However, there is one place, where it is still possible to find rensegel.

Princess Nathalie, who is a very avid rytterske, is with his company Nathalie Horse Care behind a håndsprit, which came on the market a few years ago. It is intended for people in the stables, which do not have easy access to wash the fingers.

In these times it is more a fear of dirty staldfingre, which gets people to buy rensegelen Nathalie Horse Care Clean. It tells Helle Kristiansen, co-owner of the brand.

“We have seen an absolutely huge demand. It is quite wild.”

She explains that though they have been sold out a few times, she doesn’t think that the general public have become aware of their håndsprit.

“I think the most, it is hestemennesker or some who know a hesteperson, as has been told, that we sell it here, but it counts, of course, also quite a few over the country.”

so far Nathalie Horse Care has been made to the horse industry is, but Helle Kristiansen would partly wish that they did business with the health care system.

“Well, if I could, I would run a completely read over at a hospital or to a nursing home, but so far it is not the industry we are in.”

Helle Kristiansen goes on to say, that, so far, has been the perfume of their product, but since there now has emerged a new demand, they have chosen to make a product without perfume. It will be produced in the next week.

the World is a different today because of the coronaudbruddet, and the samples from Nathalie Horse Care to comply with. Helle Kristiansen says that both she and princess Nathalie, who is a Danish national coach for dressurholdet, are very worried about the situation.

“It is a scary situation. The princess is also very nervous. She is, of course, in Germany, but she walks a lot and looks at whether the OLYMPICS will be cancelled,” says Helle Kristiansen.

Despite their håndspritsproduktion fear they still, that the pandemic will have consequences for the business.