Missile complexes

Now in the suburban Alabino started the training of military, who on may 9 will take place on the cobblestones of the main square of the country. To the gathering place began to arrive and military equipment.

As reported in the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, “as part of the mechanized column in the parade will be self-propelled launcher, transport and handling machine, command centers and control coastal missile complex “Ball”, a total of six machines.”

Photo: Nickel nitride/Wikimedia.org At the Victory parade will show three new air defense system

These missiles are primarily intended to protect the coast from intruders. “Ball” can effectively reflect the attack of the ships at naval bases or other military installations located on shore. Also systems installed in areas where a high probability of the appearance of enemy troops.

“Balls” are armed with subsonic low-altitude anti-ship missiles Kh-35, which is able to destroy ground and surface targets at a distance of about 130 km Modernized missile X-35UE, which is now rearming complexes, have a range of up to 260 km., These missiles, due to the subsonic flight speed, hit the target with almost 100% probability. They are primarily designed to engage ships with displacement of up to 5 thousand tons, that is, corvettes, destroyers or amphibious ships. However, a full volley Ball, which includes 32 missiles can inflict serious damage on large naval strike group of the enemy.

Photo: Maxim Blinov/RIA Novosti Nuclear systems “YARS” will check on the teachings of the Irkutsk division of the strategic missile forces

the Complex also has a high maneuverability. The deployment of the “Ball” in a fighting position takes more than ten minutes. The interval between launches of missiles does not exceed three seconds. Thanks to the automated system target distribution “Ball” can simultaneously fire several items. In addition, the equipment can accurately determine the type of target. Electronic brain, processing the incoming radar information, it is easy to distinguish the Corvette from the frigate.

After a volley complex, as a rule, promptly collapses and changes the position, to avoid the return fire. For full recharge of the “Ball” requires no more than 40 minutes.

Due to its mobility “Ball” in a short time can be transferred to rail, water and air transport in any point of Russia. He literally “on wheels” is ready to perform combat missions. According to experts, the criterion “cost – effectiveness” complex on a number of indicators superior to their foreign counterparts.