Mishustin: to Be at home is the most important thing

“to Be at home is the most important thing for each of us. This is a small limitation compared to life and health,” he said at a meeting of the Presidium of the coordinating Council on combating the spread of novel coronavirus infection.

Photo: Dmitry Astakhov/ RIA Novosti Mishustin encouraged to distribute taken in Moscow, the country

the head of the government noted with regret that not everyone understands how the situation is serious, lightly think that their situation will not be affected. He advised such people to see what this approach has resulted in many countries in the world.

“Our task is not to give a deadly virus to spread across the country. In this situation, the President and the government are obliged to take the necessary, even tough decisions, but they will work only if we are all together and everyone will support them, will strictly follow the rules in order not to worsen the situation, and not somewhere a thousand miles away, but at home, in the family, among relatives,” – said Mishustin.

He promised the citizens of Russia, for various reasons, found themselves abroad, are not thrown in a difficult situation. “The Ministry of transport and Ministry of foreign Affairs must ensure their return to their homeland, and the Federal air transport Agency will also assist the foreigners who are in our country, to get home,” said the Prime Minister.