The head of government of Russia Mikhail Mishustin publicly reprimanded the Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov for the situation with the “payroll” loans in the banks. The broadcast of the Cabinet meeting on sanitary and epidemiological situation was conducted by RIA Novosti.

Reprimand the head of the MAYOR received after told about the too slow response of banks in order to give small and micro soft loans at zero percent and their attempts to solve it.

Mishustin interrupted Reshetnikova words about losses for banks.

“What do you mean unprofitable or not? The President’s instruction, which we have discussed many times, and did absolutely all of the conditions set up a daily monitoring of how it comes to pass,” said the Prime Minister.

The Minister noted that now the program involves five banks, but soon it will join another 25 credit organizations. Reshetnikov added that yesterday personally called with entrepreneurs on the hot lines of the three banks, but could not agree on the loan. The operators argued that “the government that is not accepted”, or offer to contact them in may.

Earlier, the head of the MAYOR in his Instagram said that he called in two banks, and then contacted them. According to him, since the beginning of the program from 3,5 thousand cases for a total amount of 24 billion rubles is actually issued only $ 400 million.

Earlier on this issue drew the attention of the business Ombudsman Boris Titov. He said that during control attempts to obtain a loan 132 of the 158 companies in 29 regions of Russia was refused.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also acknowledged the complexity. At the meeting with the government April 15, he requested to facilitate access for businesses to money, and distribute this software for medium and large enterprises.