Mishustin instructed to develop programmes for the development of problematic regions

Prime Minister of Russia Michael Mishustin has instructed his deputies to prepare and submit for the approval of the program of development of problem territories. According to the head of the government until 2024 on each program will allocate 5 billion rubles.

“to understand the situation on the ground, need to visit there as often as possible. So I will continue to travel to the regions,” — said Mishustin in the meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers, TV channel “Russia 24”.

He also urged Ministers and heads of Federal Executive bodies also as often as possible to communicate with people, not on paper records, but in reality to know what excites people.

in addition, the Prime Minister asked the Ministry of economic development to control the situation, so all the programs were extremely realistic.

“That they consisted of specific, effective interventions aimed at addressing clearly defined tasks set before us by the President,” said the Prime Minister.