Moscow. June 2. INTERFAX.RU — Normative acts adopted during the epidemic of the coronavirus, will be analyzed with the participation of lawyers for compliance with the rights and interests of citizens.

the Corresponding order of Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina following the meeting of the Presidium of the coordination Council under the government to combat the spread of coronavirus published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers.

the Order applies, including, decrees of mayor of Moscow.

“the Ministry of justice, the Ministry of health, the CPS to perform together with the Moscow government and expert legal community as the practice of application of normative legal acts (including ordinances of the mayor) adopted to combat the spread of novel coronavirus infection in the territory of the Russian Federation, paying special attention to provisions to the greatest extent affect the rights and interests of citizens”, — stated in the order.

it emphasizes the need “to provide information support to this work.”

the progress Report must be submitted to the government by June 8.