Sick with coronavirus Mikhail Mishustin had the week to return to working form. On Friday, he personally chaired a meeting on socio-economic issues, dedicated to supporting veterans. Although the Prime Minister is still in the hospital, communication with colleagues he came out of the room, whose interior was as close to the office in the White house. Do not forget even about the Russian flag.

Mikhail Mishustin became ill on the eve of may holidays. April 30 during a videoconference with the President, he reported that the last test for coronavirus was positive, so according to the requirements of the CPS, he must “comply with self-isolation and to comply with doctors ‘orders”. It was also decided that the Prime Minister will be treated in the hospital. However, what was not specified – presumably this CDB.

After Putin signed a decree that the duties of the Chairman of the government is first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov, some media and experts have suggested that Mishustin will not return to the Premiership. (It allegedly pointed out the fact of signing a separate decree, which under current law is not required in the case of temporary absence of the Prime Minister of his responsibilities and must fulfill one of the Vice). However, the Kremlin has done everything in his power to refute such speculation. First, none of the meeting (and even a government meeting), chaired by Belousov, was not shown on television. (White house were limited only to the publication of press releases). Second, Putin himself was always thinking about Mishustin. For example, on 6 may, the President said that the Prime Minister has fever, but he already is on the mend and sends greetings to all. A may 7 during a meeting on transport, as if by chance noticed that in the morning already discussed with the Prime Minister the next steps in the development of the economy, including the transport sector.

Subordinates also gave to understand that the disease is mishustina in a relatively easy manner, and he continues to keep his finger on the pulse. “He’s always available, all the time in contact. And we always look forward to his confident voice,” – said the next day after admission, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. As Anton Siluanov has assured that the head of the Cabinet of Ministers “actively involved in the work process”.

may 8 Mikhail Mishustin was restored so that he could return to the performance of their duties. However, while in remote mode, from the hospital. Meeting to support veterans was held under his chairmanship, and Andrei Belousov in the list of participants was specified in the familiar position of first Deputy Prime Minister. The link Mikhail Mishustin came not and�� hospital rooms, and specially equipped rooms, whose interior was as close to his office in the White house. The same white walls, simple Desk, computer keyboard and Russian flag behind. Well, except that the telephone communication line is only one, and not a few in the usual place. Yes, teacup, accidentally caught in the lens. But this is understandable – people still hurts.

the Premier Looked, frankly, not very good – was pale and a little haggard. But the workflow is not interrupted. Discussed the lump sum that veterans were to receive for the holiday and support. Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said that with the transfer of funds to delay did not: 71,4 billion rubles were transferred to the regions in April. “We are very hopeful that they have reached every veteran and participant of the great Patriotic war”, – said Golikova. According to her, participants and invalids of the great Patriotic war, the blockade, minor prisoners of concentration camps and widows of veterans received 75 thousand rubles, and the workers and of full age prisoners of fascism 50 thousand.

in addition, the country’s continuing programme to improve housing, overhaul housing, and medical examinations of veterans. In connection with pandemics examination in March have been suspended, but will resume as soon as will improve the epidemiological situation, assured Golikova.

summing up the meeting, Mikhail Mishustin congratulated veterans and wished them good health. “And, of course, congratulate you on the anniversary of the great Victory”, – he has addressed to colleagues.

How long the Prime Minister will be in the hospital, is not clear. In mild course of the disease (like SARS) complete recovery occurs in 1.5-2 weeks with pneumonia without complications for 3-4 weeks, but the lesion of lungs at the head of the government had been informed. In any case, after discharge, patients with coronavirus recommend quarantine for another 10-14 days.