In Rostov-on-don the head of government visited the local College of communications and Informatics, where he talked with the Directors and teachers of the national colleges. First of all he congratulated them on the occasion. This year marks 80 years the system of secondary professional education. In 1940 the country appeared first schools, where they began to train in working specialities.

In modern Russia, noted with regret Mishustin, vocational education for many years has gone by the wayside. Now the situation is changing. “We desperately need a modern workforce and competent personnel”, – said the Prime Minister.

– where there are those who invent the future, must be those who are the future implements. And those who realize it, probably, is no less important than those who think of something. It’s mostly people with working professions. Economy without workers – a figure on paper, – said the Prime Minister.

In Russia today, more than 3.5 thousand organizations, educational programme of secondary professional education. They learn about three million people. “The key tasks of modernization of the system of secondary vocational education we solved in the framework of the Federal project “Young professionals”, which is developing successfully,” – said Mikhail Mishustin. For its implementation in the draft budget for the next three years there will be about 22 billion rubles.