on 10 July, Mikhail Mishustin flew by helicopter from Kazan to Elabuga, where the path visited from a bird’s flight, the plot construction of an ambitious highway which will connect Saint-Petersburg, Vladimir, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan and will be part of the international project “Europe-Western China”. Of the 8.5 thousand kilometers transcontinental road from the Gulf to the South seas almost 2.5 thousand will pass through the territory of the Russian Federation. Mishustin called the object of the most ambitious road project of great importance for the whole of Eurasia. “We will start the mega project and needs to implement it in a short time,” – said Mishustin.

Mikhail Mishustin visited the production of carbohydrate fibers (here make even the cylinders, which is 3-4 times cheaper than metal counterparts), and held a Commission for the construction of the highway “Europe-Western China”. New transcontinental project, instigated by Russia, China and Kazakhstan will create ideal conditions for the transport of goods in three directions: China-Kazakhstan-Russia-Western Europe China-Kazakhstan and China-Central Asia.

the Russian part of the international route “Europe-Western China” includes a length of 2400 kilometers. Start the line from St. Petersburg to Moscow to Tver bypass, then through the Central ring road will come to a new area M12 “Moscow-Kazan”, and then will extend to the border with Kazakhstan. Will be built a bridge across the Oka, Sura and the Volga in the Kazan region.

it is Assumed that each year on the “Moscow-Kazan” will carry up to 70 million tons of cargo, and the time savings will take up to 12 hours. From St. Petersburg to Kazan on a new track you can go for 12 hours, and from Kazan to Moscow – to fly for 6.5, because the speed limit here is 130 km/h.

Construction of the highway M12 “Moscow-Kazan” (length of 794 km), which will be held in five Russian regions are planned in the 2020-2024 years. In Moscow, the track will be released on the North-East Expressway, and unload one of the loaded tracks (“Volga”) in the district of Balashikha and Noginsk. Then the road will go through Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Vladimir, Murom, Arzamas. Also today, working on the routes, which the transport corridor “Europe-Western China” will be a new high-speed route Kazan-Ekaterinburg length of 800 km, which will provide direct transport links the administrative centres of the Volga Federal district with the Eastern regions of the country and integrates into a single network of high-speed roads of the country cities.

construction of a new route Mishustin called the most important part of the national plan of action on overcoming of consequences of a pandemic of mers since its advent�� will help to support key sectors of the economy. “High-speed connections between the regions will give an impetus to their development. The project will create 30 thousand jobs and as many more in related industries,” – said Mishustin.

the Total funding will amount to 650 billion rubles, but these funds will be repaid quickly, say in government. Following the meeting, Mishustin has issued several orders. This year for the construction of the route “Moscow-Kazan” will be allocated 150 billion rubles.