Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin asked the Russians not to rush to plan a foreign trip. According to him, the need to eliminate the risk of the spread of coronavirus and spend a vacation in Russia. This summer vacationers will be able to make Russian resorts.The head of government noted that for many countries tourism revenues are a significant part of the economy and they have already begun to announce the easing of restrictions and opening of the holiday season in the summer. However, the world health organization still did not give recommendations on lifting restrictions on international travel. “The epidemiological situation in foreign countries is different, and no one can guarantee travelers protection from virus infection, said Mr Mishustin at the meeting of the Presidium of the coordination Council for combating coronavirus.— I ask our citizens not to hurry. Yes, combat the spread of coronavirus infection has progressed, but we remember that coronavirus infection was imported from abroad, so we consider it appropriate to refrain from tourist trips abroad”.”I recommend you consider this when planning travel. A better and safer place to spend a holiday in the country”,— said the Prime Minister.”From 1 June in many regions will resume the sanatorium with the medical license. In the next phase, with a favorable epidemiological situation — we can talk about the launch of the resorts in full,” added Mr Mishustin.The pandemic coronavirus Russia from March 27 stopped all international flights, leaving only Charter flights for the removal of citizens from abroad. From 30 March, the Russian authorities have completely closed borders. Note that this summer tourists will be able to take the Russian sanatoria, but subject to the recommendations of the CPS. In particular, will need to be tested for the coronavirus. According to VTSIOM, only 4% of Russians plan to spend this year’s summer holiday abroad. 61% plan to spend the holidays at home. Where I expect the Russians to go this year, read in the material “Kommersant” “Tourists defer travel”.