Mishustin announced new measures to support the economy in the face of a pandemic

the Number of cases of coronavirus in the world’s going to overcome the bar of 400 thousand, every day reveals tens of thousands of new cases. “In Russia the situation is not as dire as in other, especially European, countries, – said Mikhail Mishustin at the meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers. – Now we have a day recorded 71 cases, 17 people were recovered. Only 438 cases”.

the Cabinet decided to suspend the all-Russia prophylactic medical examination of adult population

the Government continues on a daily basis to monitor closely the situation in the country and is working proactively, keeping in mind different scenarios. “All these measures, including the limitations, self-imposed isolation, which are now forced to go the people and institutions that allowed us to win a very important factor – time. And most importantly – the doctors are better prepared in case if the infection will spread rapidly”, he stressed.

Photo: iStock Mishustin warned against unjustified dismissals during coronavirus

the healthcare System is checked and doukomplektovat necessary means. Over the weekend, Mikhail Mishustin signed the appropriate orders for a further 23 billion rubles (that is, 7.5 billion will be spent on procurement in 2020 not less than 5700 units of ventilators and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; 5 billion allocated for the purchase of taletelling registrars, non-contact thermometers and installations disinfection of air; 10 billion intended for the development of manufacturing equipment for diagnosis and detection of epidemic diseases, PPE, medicines and medical products, and purchase them outside the country; 491,7 million rubles from the Federal medical-biological Agency on the prevention, diagnosis and treatmentUW new coronavirus infection).

Tuesday, March 24, the health Ministry and the regions are instructed to continuously submit to the government relevant information about the readiness of health facilities to assist the infected. “And until 27 March to submit me the data on how many across the country in terms of regions in each medical organization deployed infectious boxes, how much experts can take of patients and assist them what equipment it installed,” – said the Prime Minister.

the Minister of health of Michael Murashko, the Presidium of the coordinating Council reported that the number of beds in medical institutions for the accommodation of patients with coronavirus, if necessary, will increase twice. Now hospitals could make 55 thousand infected. Conducted training of health workers. The Ministry of health has developed algorithms and guidelines that every doctor knew how to act in the diagnosis of coronavirus how to treat a patient. Prepared for physicians distance learning modules. The doctors today are not only at risk, but can become carriers of the infection. In Spain, for example, counted almost three and a half thousand infected health care workers. “No healthcare worker should not become a source of infection, – said Mishustin. – You need to provide them with appropriate protection for the job. By helping others, they are now at the greatest risk”. In addition, the Cabinet adopted a decision to temporarily, until further notice, to suspend the all-Russian clinical examination of the adult population.

Only in Russia carried out more than 160 thousand studies on the coronavirus. To expand this work, said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, in 22 regions identified 161 medical organization is sent to 107 thousand units test systems. Changed the algorithm for confirmation of the analysis of the coronavirus. Previously, it had to do with the Novosibirsk scientific research Institute “Vector”. Now in Moscow on the basis of anti-plague center created a new and modern reference center the coronavirus. Soon the list of research organizations, which will confirm the diagnosis and will expand to 15.

Photo: Dmitry Astakhov/RIA Novosti Mishustin told when the global economy starts to recover

Every seventh case of contact, Popov said. Under the supervision of now there are more than 7 thousand people contact with infected. More than 3 thousand people with medical supervision removed. After the decision on the mandatory quarantine for all entering Russia arrived about 70 thousand people. “Under medical supervision and under quarantine – and this is not a self-isolation, and compulsory isolation of citizens placed less than about 8 percent,” – said the head of Department. However, not all citizens take a responsible approach to this need, therefore, Popov was asked to accelerate the adoption of decisions on strengthening of administrative responsibility for violation of the rules of quarantine. “Yes, we’ll do it,” – said Mishustin. Only that deterrence is not limited. The head of government instructed the Ministry of communications before March 27 to establish a system for tracking citizens who had contact with patients, on the basis of geolocation of mobile phones.

Protection from the state today requires not only health, but also compliance with social and labour rights. “We need to give people the opportunity to obtain social service benefits and other measures of social support remotely, without personal visit, including to organize the opportunity to apply to receive benefits for those who remained without work, and get it into remote mode”, – said the Prime Minister. These issues to the Ministry of labour and social protection was instructed to study by Wednesday.

the Ministry together with the Ministry of justice within the same period must also prepare proposals, in order to prevent unjustified dismissals, for reasons directly or indirectly related to the measures against the coronavirus, and to bring employers to justice. If, however, they found evidence of delay of wages or dismissals, then such enterprises will go unscheduled.