Michael Mishustin, head of the government:

Dear friends! I sincerely congratulate you with the International sports journalists ‘ day.

Today, the festival brings together reporters, columnists, commentators, photographers, all those lights in the press, on television and radio sports. Thanks to your talent and creative energy we will learn about the main sports events in the country and the world. With you watching the performances of the athletes enjoy their victories and records. Your speakers, reports, broadcast to millions of people give unforgettable impressions and emotions. Deserves special mention for great work you are doing for the popularization of physical culture, sport and healthy lifestyle.

Dear friends! Everyone of you is a high-class professional, devoted to the beloved, and the basic principles of journalism – the authenticity and impartiality, accuracy and timeliness, reliability and relevance. I want to thank all the employees of the sports media for their concern and emotional attitude to their work. And wish you strong health, new achievements and creative successes.

Dmitry Chernyshenko in his message among other noted Deputy editor-in-chief “RG” and the President of the Federation of sports journalists of Russia :

– Friends! I heartily congratulate you on International day sports journalist. It is impossible to imagine sports without your professional work, commitment and skill. Thanks to you we enjoy the spectacle of competition felt the entire spectrum of sports emotions and live with the athletes the most exciting moments.

Commentators, columnists, reporters and correspondents, you’re on the cutting edge of sports events and with all the passion tell us about what is happening. Thank you for your passion and devotion to her work.

the Huge work of sports photographers and cameramen not visible to the ordinary viewer. Today I especially want to emphasize its importance. This is the highest quality product and great work. Thank you for your talent: the whole world is watching sporting successes of your eyes.

Sports journalism is an art which requires constant professional development. She opened many names: Andrey Golovanov, Dmitry Guberniev, Yuri Holchak, Nikolai Dolgopolov, Sergei Kivrin, Alexander Kruzhkov, Sergey Kurdyukov, Yuri Rozanov, Evgeny Slyusarenko, George Cherdantsev and many others. All real professionals, which is studying youth. All together you develop the strong traditions of our journalism school.

I wish everyone who has dedicated his life to sports journalism, good health, creativetion of energy and professional success!

Oleg Matytsin, Minister of sports of the Russian Federation:

Dear friends!

every year on 2 July is the international day sports journalist. On behalf of the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation and myself personally I congratulate the sports journalists – reporters, commentators, television and radio host, employees of the sports editors with their professional holiday!

In the media sport is one of the most popular and requested topics, never loses its relevance. Sports journalism in Russia has a glorious history and rich tradition. Come into this profession to work with people self-motivated, enthusiastic, sincere lovers of sports. Often, sports journalists are former athletes, who in my experience know very well all the features of the sports world and can tell them to a wider audience.

Informing about the major international and national competitions, successes and achievements of the athletes, creating colorful stories and memorable interviews, sports journalists make a huge contribution to the development of sports industry in the country, popularization of physical culture and sports, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among Russians, especially children and youth.

this festive day, I want to thank the sports journalists for their professionalism, skill and objectivity in the coverage of sports events. I wish you all good health, fruitful work and new creative successes!