The long writer can also short: ten-laconic words of the English author Hilary mantel (67) summarizes in the first sentence of your new Tome “the mirror and the light,” the content of the previous paper “together for hawks to be” perfect: “as soon As the Queen’s head is separated, he goes away.”

you, the Anne Boleyn (1501-1536), second wife of the English king Henry VIII (1491-1547), which comes because of alleged adultery on the scaffold; he is Thomas Cromwell (1485-1540), a Confidant of the king, and ambitious statesman, who has instigated the plot against Boleyn, and now career.

two Booker prizes for Cromwell trilogy

“He, Cromwell” as it is called in one God, the same formulation in the “mirror and light” again and again – not only is the main character in the day before yesterday, on the English novel. He was also in the two previous works, “wolves” (2010) and “Falcon” (2012). “Mirrors and light” (English Original: “The Mirror and the Light”) enters into Hilary mantel her Cromwell trilogy now.

A historic event, after ten years, to end: Both “wolf” (“Wolf Hall” in 2015 as a TV series filmed), as well as “hawks” (“Bring Up the Bodies”) have been crowned with the Booker Prize, the highest honour in the English language. And 5. In March, opened the first day of sale of “The Mirror and the Light”, the book of acts on the island, like for Harry Potter at midnight and placed in the first three days, has a capacity of 100’000 copies.

With these books jacket has written history, and himself goes into the history books: she is the first woman to receive the Booker Prize – the first Person from the UK at all, and never has a book series came several times to this honor. Who knows, maybe even “The Mirror of the Light rises” in July in the race for the Booker Prize in 2020.

“Triumphant conclusion of stone” and “masterpiece”

Deserved it would have over a thousand page work from all: “mirror and light” is a furious Finale. According to the English-language publication two weeks ago, the “New York Times” speaks of a “triumphant Capstone of the shell trilogy”, the “Washington Post” from a “master degree” and the British “Guardian-like” is simply a “masterpiece”.

The “Wall Street Journal” called the whole of the trilogy “a brilliant occupation with the pursuit and the metaphysics of Power in Europe in the 16. Century”. 16. Century, the epoch of humanism and the Renaissance, but also the era of the Inquisition and Reformation: What is it that fascinates criticism and readership equal masses of a substance, from that time, especially in terms of content, everything is known?

In “mirror and light” illuminates Hilary mantel for the last four years in the life of Thomas Cromwell: After the execution of Anne Boleyn in may 1536, he is responsible for getting the wedding of Jane Seymour (1509-1537) with king Henry, will Baron Cromwell of Wimbledon, leader of the Protestant party, vicar General and Deputy of the king, and finally Earl of Essex and Lord Great Chamberlain.

“history is the air we breathe”

A steep climb, to the depth of the case follows: According to the Kindsbetttod of Seymour Cromwell in 1540 is of the essence to the wedding between Henry and Anne of Cleves (1515-1557). The displeasure of the king against this relationship and the intrigues of the Catholic party to bring planners Cromwell himself under the axe. He is accused of high treason and of heresy; the hangman beheads it at 28. July 1540 at the Tower of London Hill.

The contemporary chronicler Edward Hall (1498-1547) writes about the day: “Many wehklagten, but still more rejoiced, especially those who are religious or religious people were prone.” Because Cromwell had gained in the dissolution of the English monasteries, the epithet “Hammer of the monks” and “messenger of the devil”.

as far As the dead are historical facts, from which Hilary mantel lively contemporary fiction makes history is in your immediate experience. “History is the air we breathe, and the water in which we swim,” said coat after the release of “hawks” compared to the author of this article. It is also for the new book to 16. Century immersed, has studied all the possible sources and know, what did the people back then and how they dressed.

“mirror and light” is today’s, is direct and alive, This is a significant knowledge in the language to turn, dominates the studied legal scholar Hilary mantel like no other. Stylistically, it applies a few tweaks: Different than usual in novels, is common, it uses the present instead of the past tense; in the descriptions, it largely dispenses with property words; and they are mostly discussions.

This mirror and light “” now, directly, alive. Care for a sample? We are at the yard, the day after Henry with Jane Seymour has been married: “The king is wearing a green Velvet: It is a juicy Meadow, set with diamonds speckled. (…) He blinks in the sunlight. It is the last day in may. The wedding night: How do you ask then?”

And now we listen to the conversation between Henry and Cromwell: “The king whispers: “Such a Freshness, such a delicacy. Such virgin-like pudeur.”
“I’m glad for your Majesty.” He thinks, Yes, Yes: But you have done it?
“I have come from hell into heaven, and all this in one night.”
This is the answer that he wanted.”

“The bedchamber of the tournament is to place”

Seymour gives birth to the king, at last the longed-for male successor to the throne, Edward, dies, but, as we know, at the time of birth. “What is a woman?”, coat writes. “Don’t think, because she is not a man, not fighting you. The bedchamber of the tournament course, where she shows her colors, and her theatre of war the room in which she gives birth to their children.”

From these words it is clear that Hilary mantel is despite a period of intense preoccupation with events that date back nearly half a Millennium, a modern, emancipated woman. Out-of-date and expensive in the attitude she perceives in contrast, today’s Royal family, the compared it in a speech with Pandas. No, coat is not also become a Royalistin.

Beheaded Queens (Henry had two of his six wives heads), and the English epidemic (the so-called English Sweat, a deadly fever, reached 1528, Switzerland) – the 16. Century was not a good old time. But then, even the executioner-style had. Coat quoted by him in the execution of Cromwell with the following words: “my Lord, you must be kneeling. If you are ready to put the head on the Block.” And finally, crumble the head of the main character on the floor.

Hilary mantel, “mirror and light”, Dumont-publishing; now, in the Online trading.