The leader of the party "just Russia" Sergei Mironov voted for amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, reports REN TV.

He noted that during the procedure, has complied with all security measures.

"I Must say that posting at the time is also right because no crowds, which is also absolutely unnecessary. And, most importantly, that I felt it necessary to come and Express their opinions is very important for the country and necessary amendments to the Constitution", – said Mironov.

He added that in the history of Russia opens a new page, because people have long been waiting for real change and a "reversal of a state towards the man".

Originally a nationwide vote on the amendments was scheduled for April 22, but on March 25 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has postponed his account of the epidemic COVID-19.

To cast your vote as polling stations and online voting from June 25 to July 1.