Blogger Lena Miro playfully spoke about Russian celebrities who contracted the coronavirus.

Miro compared famous compatriots dogs who learn solely from their mistakes.

“Looking at how the behavior of some comrades in the midst of a pandemic of mers I came to a disappointing conclusion: the thought process of many people a dog is arranged on the principle,” wrote Miro.

In particular, Miro has criticized Lev Leshchenko, Hope Babkin and Tatiana Vasilyev.

“Babkina, the Singer climbed into the midst of the pandemic on Bujnov singer, and had much fun on your own anniversary, yet almost died from the coronavirus, lain almost 2 weeks in a coma. Now calls belongs to the coronavirus seriously. Same thing with carrots. First, over the coronavirus were laughing, and just hearing your own diagnosis, I realized that – and I quote! “all very serious and difficult,” – protested Miro.

The blogger noted that he first warned of the danger of coronavirus in January, but the Russian celebrities “realized the danger only at the moment, when sick themselves.”

As reported by “the Rambler”, Lev Leshchenko contracted the coronavirus in mid-March during a tour of the United States. Nadezhda Babkina was in the hospital on 1 April. Recently it became known that the coronavirus was confirmed the actress Tatyana Vasilyeva.