Minsk narrate books on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory

One of the most important projects created by the staff of the national encyclopedia under the auspices of the sectoral ministries, experts believe a four-volume edition “the Belarus remembers. In the name of life and peace.” It includes materials and illustrated documents on the partisan movement and the constellation of heroes of the Belarusian territory.

Separate volume of the encyclopedia is devoted to the tragic fate of the burned villages in Belarus during the Nazi occupation. Includes multivolume and previously unknown facts about the past war. The material collected, informs BelTA, “in many ways, sheds light on events that hitherto were considered white spots of history.”

in addition, in a series of popular science books “of Belarus. The tragedy and the truth of memory” in Belarusian, Russian, English and German readers have already presented new book “Khatyn. The tragedy of the Belarusian people”, “Trostenets. The tragedy of the peoples of Europe”, “Pain and anger. Holocaust and resistance in Novogrudok”, “masyukovschina. The tragedy of Soviet prisoners of war”, “Ozarichi. Road of death”, “Osipovichi. The tragic pages of history.”

Among the iconic journalistic and artistic publications, the Agency highlights in particular the book “the Little soldiers of the great war” and the publication “memory of the cherished,” which was published in the series “Belarusian children’s encyclopedia”.

Literary critics admit that in recent times in great demand among readers enjoy and the so-called storing – events and phenomena through the prism of a particular person. This niche on the book shelves of the country is a fiction.

Among similar projects devoted to the historical date, the books of Nikolai Smirnov “Guerrilla “second front” in Belarus: the names, the facts, operation of the NKVD (NKGB) behind enemy lines” and Vyacheslav Bondarenko, “the longest day”. By the way, for the first time this novel was published five years ago, and the new edition, says the Agency, extended and supplemented.

do Not forget the Republic and those who fought for victory on the labor front and in the rear of the enemy. About the project the publishing house “Belarus” “Belarus Labor front”, which is based on extensive study of documentary material discusses in detail the evacuation from the Republic of the population and material values, activities of labor groups for the restructuring of the economy on a war footing in the Eastern regions of the country.

And one touch publishing to the historical date. In anticipation of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory in the network of bookstores Belkniga nationwide projects devoted to this immortal theme, will be highlighted in a makeshift band with the symbol of the campaign “Belarus remembers”.