Opening of a personal exhibition of Vladimir Gladkov “Far and near” held at the art gallery “University of culture”. The exhibition presents 46 works of painting and graphics, among which the topical composition, household sketches, portraits and landscapes. They revealed the historical way of life, identity and national traditions of the peoples of the USSR.

Vladimir Gladkov was born in 1947 in Turkmenistan, his creative development has occurred on a rich history and color contrasts land of Uzbekistan. Since 2002 Vladimir Gladkov lives and works in Minsk. The painter represents the world in the finest lyrical feelings and touches the depth and expressiveness of dramatic conflicts.

During his creative work the artist has held more than 15 personal exhibitions in Tashkent, Minsk, and Athens. In 1988, he was admitted to the Union of artists of the USSR.

the author’s Works are in private collections in Russia, Belarus, Greece, Macedonia, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Germany, Australia, England, Uzbekistan, in –°aelt Gallery in London, the Museum of the great Patriotic war history in Minsk, in the historical and cultural Museum-reserve “Zaslavl” in the World ocean Museum in Kaliningrad. The Museum of the World ocean – Russia’s first comprehensive ocean Museum in Kaliningrad, which has exhibitions devoted to navigation, marine flora and fauna, Geology of the oceans, as well as Biblioteca of the Union state. As a gift to the Museum of the World ocean seascape painter gave 32 paintings – a collection of shores and water mirrors of the USSR.

In the postwar years, the Kaliningrad region became the new home for thousands of inhabitants of the ruined towns and villages of Belarus. Later, in Soviet times, the Belarusian sailors were the backbone of the Baltic fleet, many of which remained on the Kaliningrad earth and after service. In 1989, almost every tenth inhabitant of the Kaliningrad region was an ethnic Belarusian. Belarus and Kaliningrad are not just nearest neighbors in the Union state, and native people.

Here in 2016, gave a concert in the Cathedral of the Youth of the Russian-Belarusian Symphony orchestra of the Union state, which was established in 2008 on the initiative of the Permanent Committee of the Union state and Parliamentary Meeting of Belarus and Russia.