in addition, recalled a senior diplomat, the document “has a special meaning for his country, as became one of the first international legal instruments with the participation of Belarus after it gained independence”.

And most importantly, the open skies Treaty, he said, is one of the most important and “effective politico-military instruments in the area from Vancouver to Vladivostok. It makes a significant contribution to enhancing transparency and predictability in the military sphere and the strengthening of trust between States parties”.

the foreign Ministry of Belarus expressed his belief that “no country is interested in further decline of trust and increase political and military tensions in the world, causing serious damage to the architecture of European security and arms control”.

Belarus was given to understand in the foreign Ministry remains steadfast in its position that all problems can and should be solved “through equitable and mutually respectful dialogue in the framework of the Advisory Commission on open skies, specially created for consideration of issues related to compliance with the provisions of the Treaty”.

In Minsk is willing to work constructively to strengthen the Treaty on open skies and to increase its efficiency, with all States parties, including, ahead of a planned 2020 fourth conference to review the operation of the agreement, said the spokesman.