“one time payment and is very popular with families, said labor Minister Anton Kotkov. In conjunction with the Ministry of communications and the Federal tax service, we were able to ensure the prompt processing of applications so that funds arrive parents as soon as possible. For the first time funds were transferred to the families by 15 million children, and even now the payments are continuing”.

To receive the payment parents should only step is to apply on the portal. Ministry for digital development, communications and mass communications of Russia, secured the acceptance of applications through the portal, the processing of applications is conducted by employees of the Pension Fund of Russia and Federal tax service in conjunction with the Registrar’s office ensured the digitization of information about children birth to 16 years. This allowed not to provide parents with additional information when you assign this payment. You can apply before 1 October.

From 1 June also began the transfer of allowances for children from 3 to 7 years, to families whose per capita income below a subsistence level per person. This allowance is granted on the application, all required for appointment to the bodies of social protection obtained through interagency cooperation.