Ministry of health: In all Russian hospitals will implement a single management system

So, in one of the clinics of Kazan for several years, a project to improve the quality and safety of care.

Photo: Gettyimages the Ministry of health has proposed to divide the clinic into three levels

“This is a quality management system, which allows to prevent adverse outcomes for patients, improve the quality, including safety in the delivery of health care,” said Murashko, quoted by TASS.

He promised that over time this system will be introduced “in all medical institutions of the country in accordance with the licensing requirements”.

the Head of the Ministry of health on the standardization of processes, I noticed that they contribute to the reduction of risks during the provision of medical care. “The internal processes in hospitals should be clearly digitized: it’s check-lists, standard operating procedures. In any situation, doctor, medical staff average, must act in accordance with the instructions. It allows to improve the quality of care,” said ant.