It is crucial that Denmark avoids fake protective equipment and test kits, which are in circulation globally, says Heunicke.

It is not as easy as it sounds, to expand the testkapaciteten at home.

It points out the minister of health, Magnus Heunicke (S) at a news conference Tuesday.

– to obtain testmidler and protective equipment may sound uncomplicated and easy. But each one comments on the test equipment and the protective equipment requires a careful professional assessment of our authorities.

– They have informed me that there are fake protective equipment and test kits in circulation globally. The UNITED states have found the fake test kits from Europe. And in France one is exposed for the counterfeit face masks. It is absolutely vital that we avoid it in Denmark, says Magnus Heunicke.

If false protective equipment and test kits coming into Denmark, it can go beyond patient safety, says.

Denmark is characterized by supply difficulties and are working to get it resolved, informs Magnus Heunicke (S).

It is used, among other test equipment, but an increase in the number of test could be seen as early as Monday.

– the Figures for yesterday showed an increase in the number of citizens that have been tested on 300 extra. The figure will increase, as we increased our testkapacitet, says Magnus Heunicke.

It is definite employees on health and elderly care and more in the group of patients with light symptoms, which are more frequent will be tested.

The more tests that are the result of a new strategy in Denmark. Before the focus was on primarily to test sick with serious symptoms.

the Strategy is changed, according to the world health Organization (WHO) has stressed several times that many tests are essential in order to combat coronavirus.

Magnus Heunicke say that it is too early to say what it has cost Denmark, that one has not had the opportunity to test in the ideal scope for the coronavirus, because the health authorities have not ensured a necessary test equipment.

– We merge into each and every day and every week, so we can make a thorough evaluation. I can only say that it is good to test as many as possible.

– When the WHO recommend it so strongly, so is it also to ensure that you get isolated persons who are infected, says Magnus Heunicke.

He adds, that it can not be avoided, that the authorities make mistakes. But in return, it is important that you learn of the error, it sounds.