Billions from the special fund are to be used to procure heavy transport helicopters. There were two providers to choose from – with different price ranges. The Ministry of Defense has decided – without comparing the costs.

The Bundeswehr is to be brought into shape with an additional 100 billion euros. Now Defense Minister Lambrecht is apparently making the first decisions about where the money is going. The troops are to be equipped with the heavy transport helicopter Chinook CH-47 with an amount of billions.

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) has decided to initiate the procurement of 60 of the helicopters with air refueling capability, according to a briefing from the Ministry for the representatives of the responsible Bundestag committee, which was available to the German Press Agency on Wednesday in Berlin. The old Luftwaffe transport helis (CH-53G) are almost 50 years old and urgently needed to be replaced.

Before that, there was a fuss about Lambrecht’s planned decision. Because: There were two models to choose from.

The CH-47 “Chinook” from the aircraft manufacturer Boeing and the CH-53K “King Stallion” from the manufacturer Sikorsky.

A cost comparison between the two offers did not take place, writes “Bild”, which is why there was trouble in the defense committee. The specialist politicians demanded that the Bundeswehr obtain a comparative offer before deciding on a model.

“Two helicopters can do the job, so we insist on a cost comparison. The FDP wants the best helicopter for the least tax money,” quotes the “Bild” Alexander Müller, spokesman for the FDP in the defense committee.

The Sikorsky model CH-53K is considered more expensive, but also more powerful. According to “Bild am Sonntag”, the ministry is now arguing with the price. For the same money, the Air Force would only have gotten 40 Sikorsky machines. Many allies also fly Boeing Chinooks.

The manufacturer has also committed to retrofitting air refueling – a feature that the CH-53K already masters.

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