the Secretary of the Interior, by Pieter De Crem (CD&V). this does not rule out that on Friday when the National Security council, and a “radius” is specified, in which there are still things to do. That’s what he says in the in The News , in response to the request of the local police department for an urgent clear-cut rules about how much and for how long, it still should be cycled, walked or ran.

as for The Crm says it all “for a bike ride of 50 kilometres, unfortunately, can’t take anymore”. “And if there’s a clarification about it, then it will come after the un Security council.” He stressed, however, that he was not calling for a rule such as that in France, where people are up to one kilometer away from the house will go up for non-essential journeys. “The people have the right to go outside. If you are going to say that it is only within a radius of one kilometre should be, then it will be in the cities and towns of hundreds of people in the same buildings as close to each other out of it. This is certainly not a good thing. In addition, there is the psychological aspect of this, the precise to live in an open air prison.”

SEE ALSO. Police urgently need clear-cut rules about how far you still are from the home of cycling, running or walking

Also, did the prime minister call in order to get in to the rules. “We are faced with a tough ten days. There is no room for indifference or ease. And it’s not all about exercising. Private parties are not permitted. Just like people will no longer be allowed to of small country roads to go to a foreign country. The time is in the past.”

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