Mini Merkel gets in Germany broke out loud political scandal

a big political scandal in Germany. Successor Angela Merkel refused to become Chancellor of Germany. The unexpected decision Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer caused the crisis within the ruling party CDU. It is now an urgent need to find a new candidate for the presidency. Why Merkel gets her protege, and will not change whether the plans of the Chancellor to leave politics in 2021?

Angela Merkel has lost a successor. In her office saying suddenly that the Chancellor did not know about the intention Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer, who in December 2018, the leader of the CDU, under the patronage Merkel, to abandon the mission.

“I’m not going to nominate his candidacy for the position of Chancellor. However, I will remain Chairman of the party as long as no decision on a new candidate. The post of Minister of defense, at the request of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, I will maintain,” — said the Chairman of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, the Minister of defence of Germany Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer.

was it really a surprise to the Chancellor? Doubtful. Soon after the election, crump’s, Karrenbauer to a senior party post, there was speculation that the former Prime Minister of the Saar tiny pulls at the Federal level.

And even that in July 2019 Merkel offered her the post of Minister of defense, has added political weight to it. Once so badly for it happened that all its actions and statements of politicians and voters are not perceived as something valuable and meaningful, as well as the next and every time an unsuccessful attempt to stop being a mini-Merkel. But I finished it, of course, Thuringia. Merkel herself her choice and left.

“It’s a terrible day for democracy. Day, which goes against the values and beliefs of the CDU,” said Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

on 5 February the Parliament of Thuringia was elected Prime Minister of the land. One day they became Thomas kemmerich — the representative of the party “Free Democrats”, barely break the five percent barrier. This is scandalous in itself, a sensation was made that his nomination together with the CDU supported the right of the “Alternative for Germany”. Although the local Christian Democrats deny collusion, it is difficult to deny the fact of cooperation with those whom the media and most politicians are called Nazis. And Yes, kemmerich resigned, but not immediately suspicious.

“Thomas kemmerich made the right decision, but delayed it for 24 hours,” said Secretary General of the CDU Paul Zimic.

if there was in fact cooperation of the CDU with the “Alternative”, or, using the procedure of secret ballot, the right set up of the party of Merkel, it is unclear. If it is the latter, then “the Alternative” pulled off an ingenious combination, triggering another crisis of power in Germany. German social democracy, as a political party almost entirely lost its influence, believes that the same fate now awaits Merkel’s party.

“We are at the end of the second major national party of Germany. After the SPD, Christian Democratic Union also will not be able to save yourself. Too strong differences. At the same time, the Federal government paralyzed for the second time in a short time. I suspect that in the near future we should expect a new election,” said 60-year-old former Vice-Chancellor of Germany and former German foreign Minister social Democrat Sigmar Gabriel.

Early elections possible, the early Congress of the CDU inevitable. Crump, Karrenbauer intends to conduct its summer and put on it the question on a new leader. There are several candidates for the open vacancy. The first Friedrich Merz investment banker, and critic transatlantic Merkel, the second — the current Prime Minister of the largest German land North Rhine-Westphalia Armin Lachet. It’s two realistic options for resolving the staffing crisis. But there is another option that is fantastic.

This is Angela Merkfir. Despite the fact that the Chancellor has already announced his departure from big politics after the election of 2021. But no one can deprive her of the right to change my mind. The simple reason for this should be very good. For example, any threats to political stability or democratic values. But it’s just that easy to find today in Germany.