– it All started with the appearance of our University supercomputer in 2000, he recalls. The first tasks which we were doing then, was the digital counterpart of a copy of physical objects and processes, helping to optimize the business. Applied methods related to artificial intelligence. With this experience came into the industry, choosing partners of the company operating in the global market.

for Example, MMK?

Alexander Shestakov: With local steelmakers have a long-standing friendship. Jointly implemented a system based on good mathematics and predictive control. Today, she helps to save energy. Now completing a major project in the rolling mill. Here in real-time based on artificial intelligence methods will be assessed the condition of the equipment to maintain it in proper form, promptly take steps to avoid damage.

In Magnitogorsk strengthened our cooperation with SMS Group. The German company worked on improving the reliability of the crystallizer for the continuous casting of steel. Through it flows the molten metal, changing its structure. The problem is that the mold gets clogged.

to assess what is happening inside, attached to the equipment more than five hundred sensors, and the readings they gave not only to us but to the scientific centre in Germany.

Four months was research. The results were a complete surprise for us: a German University has taken only the third place and two first – our University teams applied different methods, including neural network technology. Now we are preparing an agreement to 2030 on cooperation with SMS Group in this direction. We will address the issues associated with the introduction of elements of the digital industry in metallurgical production.

Preparing for joint projects with other companies in the industry. In particular, with the “white metal”. They are interested in evaluation of pipes using high resolution cameras and based on the methods of artificial intelligence.

How successful Russian universities are adopting digital approaches?

Alexander Shestakov: Development of the digital industry in the southern Urals we started before talking about it in the country. The first steps coincided with a rise in Chelyabinsk Emerson Corporation, which manufactures products for the oil and gas sector. The American company is now building the second phase of the plant, and then to offer Russia their services, they needed cooperation of the Russian University. So they invited our experts to Texas, where he lectured about the digital industry, and at a fairly high level. Invested in a laboratory of automation of production processesowls on the basis of SUSU half a million dollars – none of our manufacturers are not so much invested. Today we and they are strategic partners. By the way, after the completion of the project in Magnitogorsk has agreed with steel plant to a joint of KB associated with the digital industry.

Cooperation with the New world allowed them to see new horizons? In Europe the industrial economy in America – the post-industrial.

Alexander Shestakov: I would not began so sharply to oppose, if we talk about the digital economy. Some strong digitalization of technological processes, as, for example, the German Siemens uses the principles of the digital industry in the development and design of different mechanisms. By the way, our University established the center for Siemens. The technologies developed there, we’ll implement in the industry.

What benefit companies that have chosen this knowledge-based path?

Alexander Shestakov: will Refer again to the experience of others. Emerson no accident has changed the paradigm of their business. Initially was engaged by the sensors, then process automation, and today has transformed its structure under the digital industry. This way increases the efficiency of the equipment starts to work safer, less expensive is its maintenance, reduced power consumption, less damage to the environment.

If you add up all the factors, it becomes clear that outsiders to learn the digital space in comparison with the leaders will be completely uncompetitive. So the new thinking is the question of survival of enterprises. Have this coin and the reverse side. Digital industry and methods of artificial intelligence to dramatically change the industrial landscape of Chelyabinsk region, since the new technological structure promises a higher level of profitability than it is today.

it is said that near Chelyabinsk will soon be digital science city…

Alexander Shestakov: Our graduates with the business, allocated to the University about 25 acres of land near the centre of artificial intelligence that will prepare scholars to conduct research. At this center, as we plan, will appear in the student business incubator and Technopark. In addition, around him will begin to group of major companies involved in the digital industry. All the achievements of the future science city will be transferred to the real sector.

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