Book. The most surprising is that a woman as “Mimi” is so easy to enter in the intimacy of Emmanuel and Bridget Macron. On paper, Michele Marchand, 71, ex-wife of a bank robber and a cop, seemed a thousand miles from the “new world” and its young techies. It is, however, with a remarkable lack of consciousness that the presidential couple has opened the door of the Palace the queen of the paparazzi, who has long fought in the back rooms of nightclubs, known in the prison, and which now sells photos and info to the tabloids.

The general public does not know it. Photographers, yes, that may sell several tens of thousands of euros stolen a photo or waive the publish on its injunction. But it is, on this picture taken with his cell phone in the office of the president, raising both arms and doing the V for victory as if she was in it, just a few days after the election of Emmanuel Macron. The shadow figure at the back of Mimi, the book that he dedicated to the journalists of the Parisien and Jean-Michel Décugis and Marc Leplongeon, with the novelist Pauline Guéna. The image and the book are so embarrassing that they require today the Elysée to take publicly distance from this woman sulfurous.

Since always introduced in the wake of a big boss, a celebrity, a politician, lobbyists aware of its secrets. François Mitterrand kept him around a few friends and insiders, including François de Grossouvre, responsible, in particular, to finance its campaigns, to organize his double life or to redeem the compromising photos. This time, however, it is the wolf itself that Macron has introduced into the sheepfold.

Since Mimi Merchant profession it is to sell the private lives of celebrities or suggest that it can prevent not to be unveiled. Co-founder of Purepeople,…