It happens in a time where Skiforbundets economy already under hard pressure after a series of cancellations at the end of the winter season, and koronaviruset do sponsormarkedet very challenging.

The sponsor pulls out, to be confirmed by the communications manager Helge Dieset opposite NRK.

– It is correct that we do not extend the cooperation agreement with the skiforbundet that we have had in many, many years. It was a decision we took before christmas and at the end of 2019, says Dieset.

Dieset will not comment on the amount they have been inside with the annually, but the training Espen Bjervig are aware that the company has contributed greatly especially to regionsatsingen in Norway.

No solution ready

the Betting at around 50 runners in the five regions operated in the starting point of the kretsleddet, but they have been infused with a million each per season of the Norwegian ski federation.

the Funds have covered the managing agent of the trainer, collections, smøreteam and support you in season. A large part of this amount comes from Skiforbundets sponsorship.

NEED to HUNT NEW SPONSOR: Training Espen Bjervig.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / Terje Pedersen

the Initiative has borne fruit, and especially in the years been referred to as a success story.

How it looks for regionsatsingen now, do you think?

Regionlagene have been important and we are now working with a model to see how it can be hosted on. As of now we have no ready solution. It is to date a challenging situation to fund the teams, ” says Bjervig.

Very critical

There are many runners this season both have powered through and gotten their verdenscupdebuter, as well as those who have established themselves at the top level, from the region level.

For Team Pavement the Magni Smedås occasionally impressed. Even more impressive is Håvard Solås Taugbøl and Martin Løwstrøm Nyenget been for the same team.

Råsterke verdenscupprestasjoner do that the duo is høyaktuell for the national team in the upcoming season.

– If there is no disaster, then there is a great loss for the Norwegian cross-country skiing if you don’t get any into the Pavement. It has made it possible for them during the national team to have a programme, match up and get go world cup, ” says Solås Taugbøl.

– It is to lose the platform, are very critical. But you can only hope they get someone new in place. It is dependent on having an offer for those that finish outside the elite team.

plain SPEAKING: From Håvard Solås Taugbøl, here pictured when he was the number two under verdenscupsprinten on Konnerud earlier in march.

Photo: Terje Bendiksby / Terje Bendiksby – Catastrophic

On the layer in the Middle-Norway Pål Trøan Aune, Jan Thomas Jenssen and Anne Kjersti Kalvå with irregular intervals, been in verdenscuptropper. Fredrik Riseth has also been given the chance.

– If basisfinanseringen to regionlagene falls away, which makes that there is the opportunity to maintain a focus on an acceptable level, then it is disastrous for the Norwegian cross-country skiing, ” says the head of the steering group to regionlaget in Mid-Norway, Knut Erling Flataker.

Also Jan Thomas Jenssen despairs. He is aware that regionlagene through the agreement fails to establish good workout groups-all and a good athletic program ensures that so many in Norway are able to bet on cross country skiing.

WORRIED: Jan Thomas Jenssen, here after having become the number three within a 15 kilometer in NM on Konnerud.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / Terje Pedersen

Now he is afraid that the initiative stands for case. He is aware that Skiforbundet from before of struggling with a strained economy and he believes regionlagene is among the first who have to suffer for it.

It will be catastrophic. Now Skiforbundet received criticism that they don’t bet on those who are young and promising, but I hope they see the importance in the us.

– We do the best good in that they always have to go fast to defend his seat. We are the hungry wolves that will take plassenere their. When do they want to invest in us, ” says Jenssen.

an emergency meeting in the league

Late Thursday night had, among other things Bjervig, Torbjørn Skogstad in langrennskomiteen (chairman of the board of the Norwegian cross country upper body) and the leaders in the various steering committees in the regionlagene an emergency meeting about the situation.

Flataker will rather call it a meeting characterized by great earnestness.

There is indeed a crisis, ” says Flataker, at the same time he recalls that this is the general condition of the whole society and the Norwegian sports day.

The work very seriously to get the most of the space. That is the status. But neither we nor those who work with this centrally located, is in goal with the job. As of now, it looks very dark out for many and for regionlagene. But as long as there is no one who has thrown in the towel.

So the time will show whether regionsatsingen can get on a level as the past few seasons. The only thing that is certain is that the sponsormarkedet is far tougher than it has been for a long time.